How to Fix a Nutanix CVM Stuck in Maintenance Mode

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If you are using a Nutanix Hyperconvergence solution in your infrastructure environment, then you may have come across a problem where the Nutanix CVM gets stuck in Maintenance Mode. Fixing this issue is very simple, but you will need the following information before starting the fix: Prerequisites PuTTy or other SSH client Nutanix Cluster administrator … Read more

VMWare vCenter Appliance stuck at localhost login screen

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If you reboot your VMWare vCenter Appliance, you may get into a situation where it reboots into the localhost login screen instead of the more familiar black and yellow/blue two tone layout with the management IP addresses shown like below: The first thing to do is not to panic. I have seen people get very … Read more

Check for Thick Provisioned Disk Space in VMWare


If you want to run a check against your VMWare infrastructure for virtual machines that have thick provisioned disks, you can use VMWare PowerCLI to do this quickly and easily. Our step by step guide below will show you what you need to do to bring back the results that you need. Check for Thick … Read more

Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter


I have been using a physical computer for some time to run some automated programs that I use. However, that physical computer is now not in good shape and needs to be replaced. The problem is though, I have years of customised scripts, sequences and environment variables that I obviously do not want to lose and … Read more

VMWare ESX 6.0 Serial Number Activation

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If you have setup VMWare ESX you will find that it defaults to the evaluation version giving you 60 days unlimited use. But, how to do you apply your serial number? We have created a quick video below to help you with this easy process: When using this in a lab environment, you could use … Read more

How to create correct partitions to deploy a Windows image to a UEFI based device

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We have recently come across an issue when trying to deploy a test virtual machine using Hyper-V (Generation 2 – UEFI) that once you have selected your task sequence, you get an error and the task sequence bombs out. This is because we had not setup the correct drive partitions to be able to deploy … Read more

vSphere Web Client – Export Virtual Machine Information


If you are using VMWare version 6 or above and want a full export list of all your machines on it, then you can quickly and easily export all this information using the web interface. Instructions Login to your VMWare Web Client and then click into Hosts and Clusters: Then click on the VMs tab … Read more

VirtualBox – Exiting Scale or Full Screen Mode in Windows


When using VirtualBox you may at some point enter Scale or Full Screen Mode and then wonder how the hell you get out of it again and get your menu toolbar back! Well the solution is very simple but not very clear. In the settings you will notice that mentioned a lot is the Host+(something) … Read more