System Center Operations Manager Invalid Management Group Removal

Invalid Management Group Removal

We recently carried out some work for a client who had a completely ruined installation of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Who had done what to it, we may never know, but it was clear that the only fix was to start again. This was not such a bad thing as they did want to … Read more

Migrate a System Center Orchestrator database to a different SQL Server


We were running through our list of servers and looking at what each one was doing in terms of Domain Controllers, Exchange servers, SQL servers, System Center servers etc when we noticed that we had quite a few servers that were using pretty small databases but had a large amount of host resource allocated to … Read more

Active Directory Password Expiring Email Notification

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Does your 1st line help desk get fed up of having to reset end users passwords “because they didn’t know their password was expiring?” Well, let us show you a way that you can utilise System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH), PowerShell and Active Directory Web Services (ADWS) to email all end users a few days before … Read more

SCORCH runbooks not showing in SCCM or SCSM

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When you create a new System Center Orchestrator Runbook and you have checked it in ready to use, you may not see it in systems that will want to use it, like Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or Service Manager. This is due to authorisation cache not updating and as so, not showing the newly … Read more

WSUS – Cleanup using Powershell with email notification output


lntroduction If you are using WSUS in your environment, you may want to run a scheduled task to cleanup old updates and compress some of the larger updates to free up space on your server. A good way of doing this is to run a Powershell script which will take care of all your cleanup … Read more

System Center Orchestrator – SQL Query to show log file data

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If you are using System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH)  Runbooks then you may have run into issues where the database is increasing in size due to the large amount of log files being created. This typically occurs when monitoring event logs on servers amongst some other runbook options in SCORCH. If you want to check how … Read more

System Center Technical Preview VHD Downloads Available

System Center Configuration Manager SCCM

Microsoft have recently released the System Center Technical Preview Evaluation VHD’s for you to to take a look at and launch using your Hyper-V environment. DOWNLOADS You can download the VHD’s using the links below for the following products: Data Protection Manager Evaluation VHD Operations Manager Evaluation VHD Orchestrator Evaluation VHD Service Manager Evaluation VHD … Read more

Configuration Manager – Change the Approve/Deny Status of an Application Catalog Request

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If you are a Configuration Manager administrator, the chances are that you are using the Application Catalog to allow users to install their own software. A great feature of this is that you can put in specialist or licensed software and add a “Request” button. This means that your end users will only get the … Read more