Remove Windows Server Disabled Roles and Features Payload Files

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If you are running a Windows Server environment and you are becoming increasing low on system drive space, then you may want to consider removing the built in payload files for Windows Features. Windows Server comes with the payload files readily available if you want to add any additional Features or Roles to your server. … Read more

Exchange Shell – All Permissions on all Mailboxes


We carried out a project recently which was to migrate around 150 mailboxes to the Office 365 (Exchange Online) platform. Part of scope of works that was required was to provide the team leaders within the business a list of all the mailboxes and what permissions they had on them. This was mostly a housekeeping … Read more

Get OU Distinguished Name

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There are many reasons as to why you would need to identify an Active Directory Organisational Unit’s Distinguished Name. Most techies out there will use an AD distinguished name when writing or using PowerShell scripts. However, quickly finding what the Distinguished name of a particular OU is not immediately clear. You can click on the … Read more

Windows 10 1903 RSAT Installation


The Windows 1903 upgrade has now been released however, yet again, RSAT has not been included in the upgrade. So it comes as a bit of a shock when you update your Windows version to the latest and then do not have Group Policy, DNS and Active Directory Users and Computers available. For some reason, … Read more

System Center Operations Manager Invalid Management Group Removal

Invalid Management Group Removal

We recently carried out some work for a client who had a completely ruined installation of System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Who had done what to it, we may never know, but it was clear that the only fix was to start again. This was not such a bad thing as they did want to … Read more

Exchange Shell – Get all Shared Mailboxes Information

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Following on from our previous post about how IT professionals can use the tools available to them to make their lives easier, we have another Exchange Management Shell (EMS) script which will get all the information available from all Shared Mailboxes including the sizes of each mailbox. Guide Open up the Exchange Management Script tool … Read more

Exchange Shell – Export all shared mailbox permissions to CSV

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Sometimes as IT professionals, we get asked to supply a lot of data to company bosses. This can be extremely frustrating especially when what you want to do is fix stuff, but IT is becoming more and more like an admin role all the time. It doesn’t mean you stop fixing stuff, it just means … Read more

Powershell – Export all Active Directory User Information to CSV


If you need to export all Active Directory user information to CSV, then you can use a simple Powershell script to carry this out. First Import the Active Directory module: Then get the user information from Active Directory. For the example below we are just going to grab all information, hence the * wildcard, but … Read more

Powershell – Export Active Directory User Last logged on information to CSV


If you want to export all your Active Directory users last logged on information, you can carry this out using Powershell and then exporting to CSV format. Guide First of all, you will need to import the ActiveDirectory module if you have not already done so. To do this, just open up a Powershell command … Read more

Powershell – Export all members of all AD Security Groups to CSV


Powershell is an awesome tool and can help IT professionals in gathering information in a split second whereas otherwise it could take hours manually. We were recently asked to carry out a number of tasks for information gathering for annual housekeeping. The tasks were varied but were made up of information from Active Directory and … Read more

Exchange Shell – Get all shared mailboxes with primary SMTP

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We recently received a request to provide a project manager with a full list of all shared mailboxes with their primary SMTP addresses that were in Microsoft Exchange. To do this is a pretty straight forward task using Exchange Management Shell (EMS). Just go ahead and open your EMS and run the following command: This … Read more

Import Active Directory Powershell Module


If you want to use Active Directory modules for Powershell then you can will need to run the commands to import the required module and then install the RSAT tools. To do this, open up an elevated Powershell command box and run the following command to import the Server Manager module: Import-Module ServerManager Once that … Read more