Get WMI Query v1.3 Released

Get WMI Query

UPDATE: Get WMI Query v1.6 is now available – click the Downloads above to grab it now ====================================================================================================== We are pleased to announce the release of Get WMI Query v1.3. This program is designed to help in a SCCM environment where there is a need to provide a multiple set of drivers to a task sequence during … Read more

MDT Toolkit speed up during OSD

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I was recently given a tip on how to speed up the MDT Toolkit Package part when running the Operating System Deployments within my SCCM environment. This is a simple yet effective change that slightly speeds things up if you have MDT integration enabled. The change is turning off a built in setting to delay … Read more

Install System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) During SCCM OSD Task Sequence Process

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As stated in my previous post, I have been asked recently about installing Endpoint Protection (SCEP) during the SCCM OSD process. This is pretty easy to do and the knock on affect is that you also can have SCEP available to install from your Software Catalog. To prepare the SCEP software for deployment in your … Read more

Orchestrator & SCCM OSD Task Sequence Failed Email Notification

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I’ve recently started to use Orchestrator in our live environment to conduct a number of actions but mainly to solve the issue of lack of email alerts within Configuration Manager. At the moment, we are not using Service Manager so finding an alternative to what that offers has become a task of mine. Using Orchestrator … Read more

User State Migration Tool (USMT) during OSD Task Sequence SCCM 2012 SP1

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I’ve been using ConfigMgr for many years now and I’ve used OSD in every version I’ve been involved with, however, for some reason, I’ve never used USMT before. In most cases this is simply because I didn’t need to use it as my only need was for bare metal deployments but, our environment is changing … Read more

Windows XP Sysprep ready for SCCM OSD Capture Guide


This guide will show you what you need to do to capture a Windows XP Service Pack 3 image, which you can then capture and deploy using Configuration Manager.First of all, you need to create a full  image that is ready to be captured. This is usually best to install on a virtual machine using … Read more

Install drivers by computer model using WMI query during SCCM OSD Task Sequence

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You can install drivers by computer model using a WMI script during the SCCM OSD task sequence. This means that when you deploy an image, the target machine will always get the full and correct drivers for the model, rather than getting mismatched drivers. This also speeds up the deployment process. To do this is very … Read more

SCCM – Setting Computer Name automatically during OSD Process [2020 Updated]

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We have been looking into getting our OSD process to automatically change the computer name to what we want it to be for a while now but never really had much luck with it. Reading various forums and blogs, many people have said to use WSNAME and many others saying use scripts, all of which … Read more