How to Add a Network Drive in Windows

How to Add a Network Drive in Windows

Introduction Although this is a fairly simple process for more experienced computers users, we have been asked this question a few times over the last few weeks. This seems to be due to more and more people getting network storage devices for Christmas and, instead of using the rubbish software you get with these devices … Read more

What You Should Know About Mesh Networks

Mesh Networks

Is buffering interrupting your Netflix binge-watching? Are your office workers ready to revolt over turtle-speed connectivity? Home or office, you might want to look into a mesh network. It could be the answer to fixing your WiFi woes. What is a mesh network? Whole home mesh networks have a central hub with separate nodes placed … Read more

How to Use Windows ACL to Manage User Permissions on the QNAP NAS

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If you are using a QNAP network storage device, you may be using the funky Apple-like interface to create shared folders and allocate security permissions etc… However, if you would like to have the QNAP as pure storage and have Windows control your security options, then you can do this after a few small changes … Read more