Managing Affiliate Coupon Offers

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A proven method of attracting eCommerce traffic, coupon and deal sites draw a lot of attention. Experts agree coupons are also especially effective tools when it comes to enticing new customers and convincing them to convert. In fact, offering a coupon has been shown to convince over 75% percent of consumers to increase their average … Read more

Immersive Tech Advances Will Revolutionize Event Hosting

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The three vanguards of immersive technology – AI, VR and augmented reality – have cast aside the image of being luxuries and are forcing their way into the business plans of multiple industries. Research into new VR tech alone is set to reach $26.89bn by 2022, according to market researchers, and this interest is already showing, … Read more

Digital Marketers are Advertisement Guru’s of the 21st Century

Inbound v Outbound Marketing

Brand awareness and generation of leads and possibly turn into prospective clients come under the supervision of a digital marketer. They are responsible for all digital channels of a company whether its social media marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing or simply a website and a blog. The digital marketer is the leader … Read more

5 Best Data Recovery Software For Mac

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Long before now, Mac users wouldn’t attempt recovering a lost file on their own as there were relatively no options for that. Soon, people began to hear of professionals that specialized mainly in recovering deleted files from iOS devices. But they will have to pay through their nose to get this done for them. Today, … Read more