AlterEgo: New Device Can Read Wearer’s “Internal Voice”

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For years, developers have been trying to create virtual assistants that can execute a range of tasks. In fact, the first ever tool that was enabled to perform digital speech recognition was the IBM Shoebox, which was presented to the public at the 1962 Seattle World Fair. It was reportedly able to comprehend 16 spoken … Read more

How to narrow down to the best WordPress hosting plan in 6 easy steps

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WordPress has been a preferred choice to host a website for individuals and businesses for a while now. Consumers are aware of the themes available for a WordPress website as well as the new addons and integrations that spark the look, feel and overall performance of the WordPress website. In addition to this, there are … Read more

Five Brands Connecting Small Business to Big Data


A common misconception about Big Data is that Big Business can only leverage it. While it is true that major corporations with huge budgets are more likely to contract the massive data analytics services offered by tech firms such as IBM and Google, this does not mean that small companies cannot access Big Data to … Read more

5 Reasons to Have a Security System Installed on Your Vacation Property

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Whether it’s a cottage in the mountains, an oceanfront house or condominium, a security system is a smart investment for your vacation property. Just because it’s not your primary residence doesn’t mean you should ignore this feature. Here are five important reasons to invest in a security system for your vacation property. 1) Remote Monitoring … Read more

5 Elements of an Effective Business Website

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Business owners who need a website can find the web design process challenging to grasp. But this article can help small business owners figure out the essential elements that their website needs to become competitive in their space. These critical features can ensure that your potential customers have a good experience on your company’s website. … Read more

HostGator Exclusive Offer – $3.82 for Web Hosting

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We have teamed up with HostGator to provide our visitors with an excellent exclusive deal. By using our referral links below, you can now setup your own website with unmetered data usage, 24/7 support, free advertising credits, WordPress blog tools and unlimited email addresses – all for just $3.82/mo. This is a saving of a massive … Read more

The Best Places to Start a Tech Company in 2018 (hint: it’s not Silicone Valley)

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Startup life is already a fast-paced and difficult world. So don’t make it harder than it needs to be by living in Silicon Valley and paying higher prices than necessary. Instead, you can enjoy alternatives that may offer even more of what you’re looking without breaking the bank. Here are HQ locations to consider starting … Read more

4 Ways Your Users Will Destroy Your Company Without Even Trying

4 Ways Your Users Will Destroy Your Company Without Even Trying

One of the key roles that the Information Technology (IT) department provides is protecting an organization’s computers and data from internal and external threats. Despite the efforts of the technically-savvy men and women in IT, there are many things the typical end-user can and frequently does that put the organization at risk. These are four … Read more

5 Home Gadgets That Will Actually Make Your Life Better


Technology continues to creep into every aspect of life as it advances, and your home is no exception. New gadgets are introduced continuously that make life just a little bit easier. Consider adding these five devices to your home to take advantage of advancements in technology and simplify your life. Smart thermostat A smart thermostat … Read more

Things you need to enjoy Gigabit Ethernet connectivity


Slower downloading of data on the devices can irritate the user to no extent. Additionally, the end users want internet service that never sleeps. The content access requirements at the end users propel the data centers to improve their efficiency and also to deliver the final output optimally for enhancing the customer experience. The data … Read more

The Ecommerce Blueprint: Launching And Establishing Your Online Store


If you are a part of the retail industry, there’s a good chance you’ve felt the impact of the ecommerce juggernaut. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that in the 2016 holiday season in the US, total retail sales grew by 4% year on year, whereas e-commerce, specifically, is expected to have grown by at … Read more

The Modern Gamer


The gaming world continues to expand, and whilst the chance to play against friends is very appealing there are also a wide range of games available to enjoy on your own. The beauty of the technology in the modern world means that we can play games in so many formats, you can play casino games … Read more

More than a transaction: the rise of experiential retail

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Technology has transformed the way we shop. With access to countless goods at the click of a button, consumers now have much more power than their counterparts of yesteryear. They can enjoy the convenience of making purchases online and they can compare and contrast deals within an instant. This might be great news for shoppers, … Read more