Console or PC – Which Is Better for Gaming?

computer gaming

Everyone needs technology, despite the fact that we have different goals. Someone needs to work, someone likes to play live roulette and someone for constant games. Especially avid gamers. Moreover, the choice between technology, namely between a gaming computer and a console, is a constant topic for novice gamers, since experienced players already know exactly … Read more

How to Unblock PUBG from a geoblocked country

Hand holding a smartphone with Player's Unknown Battleground also known as PUBG online shooting gaming

Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular games. In fact, it’s so popular that it has been banned in certain parts of the world because it’s ‘too addictive.’ If you’re a fan of PUBG, yet you cannot play the game due to restrictions in your home country, then don’t despair. With the help … Read more

How to run Android apps on PC with BlueStacks

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There are many devices that use android. They include tablets, watches, home appliances, phones, and many other devices. Android apps are mostly used in smartphones. With the advancement in technology, android emulators like BlueStacks have been developed. Using these emulators, you can successfully download and install android apps on your personal computer. BlueStacks App Player … Read more

Fascinating PS5 vs Xbox Series X Infographic – Full Analysis

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

As the Xbox is getting ready to counterpunch the PS5 with its games event on July 23rd, The Gaming Setup has made a recap of everything we know so far about the upcoming consoles.  PS5 vs Xbox Series X Comparison While we still wait to see what games Xbox has lined up and what the … Read more

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Game Performance

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Do you feel it difficult to play online games like CS: GO, Call of Duty and Battlefield V etc? Is your Windows PC running too slow to handle the gameplay? You may need to release more space to optimize your Windows system and boost game performance. To make efficient optimization for your system, there are … Read more