teleconference meeting room with table and chairs

Here Are Relevant Applications of Teleconferencing in Today’s World

With physical presence not a barrier to communication, the world is getting smaller by the day. Thanks to existing and emerging technologies, you can speak with someone in a formal or informal setting whenever it’s convenient for you both. Teleconferencing works that way, providing real-time, dynamic, or interactive exchange of ideas and information. The term…

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PuTTy Toolkit MSI Installer

We have now created a MSI installer for the full PuTTy range of utilities which will allow you to distribute using systems like Group Policy or Configuration Manager. Included in the PuTTy Toolkit are the following programs: Pageant.exe Plink.exe PSCP.exe PSFTP.exe PuTTy.exe PuTTygen.exe You can now download the PuTTy Toolkit MSI installer from our Downloads…

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