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Is Texting Good or Bad for Relationships?

In today’s world, communication is an ever-changing world. What was once the simple phone call has transformed into texting. Is texting good or bad for relationships? The answer is not an easy one; it involves balancing texting with verbal communication. Texting does indeed make communication a more fluid activity, which is presumably a good thing […]

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Facial Recognition: Convenience and Security vs Privacy

Technology, over the past few years, has grown by leaps and bounds. Much of that new tech is going directly toward our places of work and even within our mobile devices. This has certainly made many aspects of our lives much more convenient. Still, speak with anyone utilizing this tech, and they will often state that they are unsure of having their facial recognition information in company systems.

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4 Ways That Software Is Transforming Education for Teachers

In recent years, technology has become integrated with almost every aspect of daily life, and education is no different! EdTech (education technology) has unleashed a nearly infinite number of tools that teachers can use for optimizing teaching and tracking student progress. Here are four ways that technology is transforming education. Translation Software In today’s multicultural […]

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How Has Technology Changed the Healthcare Industry?

At this very moment, technology is positively impacting the healthcare industry. In the last five years alone, the changes have been dramatic. The main breakthroughs are in medical devices, treatment options, data collection, disease control, prosthetic limbs, and surgical procedures. Technology has enabled faster diagnoses, earlier treatment, preventative measures, and better research and data processing […]

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4 Ways Automated Customer Service Affects a Company’s Reputation

Automated customer service is prominent in business today. It can still be considered as a fairly new technology and improvements are rapidly making the technology more adaptive to customers’ needs. When used correctly, it can increase customer satisfaction. When used incorrectly, it will dramatically cause the exact opposite. Here are four ways that automated customer […]

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4 Best Messaging Apps Available Today

As technology advances, methods of communication are constantly evolving. Messaging app use has skyrocketed over the last few years. Users love the convenience of being able to connect with a wider range of companions across the globe with internet apps. You’re able to quickly chat with your family and friends without having to have an […]