7 Considerations Before Outsourcing Managed IT Services

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In the modern digital world, any business that wants to stand out must rely heavily on information technology (IT) services. This allows companies to cope well with the ever-changing technologies. While you might think maintaining an in-house information technology department is the best decision to make, there are several benefits of outsourcing managed IT services. … Read more

Gaming Immersion: What the future holds

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What is game immersion? How can you tell whether you’re fully engrossed in a game? There are several apparent indicators: time passes without notice; you become ignorant of events or people around you; your heart rate quickens in frightening or exciting passages; you empathise with the characters. But, while we can list the signs and … Read more

7 Tips for Protecting Your Business’s Data

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Your business’s data is incredibly valuable. It’s important, then, that you provide it with the best protection possible. It’s not always easy to understand how to do that, though, especially when there are so many options out there. Do you buy the latest cybersecurity bundle being advertised? Do you need a firewall? If you are … Read more

Technology and its impact on gaming

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The gaming industry generated a revenue of $165 billion generated in 2020. This growth has been fuelled by the growth of technology. The first commercial game machine was called the ‘Brown Box’ and it was released in 1967 and soon followed by ‘Pong’ which was created by Atari in 1972. Soon after we saw the … Read more

Clients demanding that Law Firms Embrace New Technology

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In 2021, we find ourselves reliant on technology to an unprecedented degree. There’s no area of modern life that hasn’t been touched by advances in tech – and yet the legal profession remains resistant to much of the change. Firms which are forward-thinking, and embrace new legal innovations, are in a great position to offer … Read more

FireStick With A Bug? Here’s How To Optimize Your Fire TV Stick

Amazon Firestick

Amazon’s Firestick markets as the ultimate media streaming device, taking the world by storm. But this technology is still far from perfect. The hardware itself is frequently slow; you may have to wait an additional couple of seconds for an app to load, or a home menu may briefly stall when scrolling.  Things that cause … Read more

What are the Different Types of Technologies Being Adopted in Casino Business?

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The technologies casinos are adopting are changing all the time. Like technologies in general, they’re developing and improving at the speed of light. The risk of tech-related information becoming outdated is very real, so this article has made sure to cover the latest in the area. This includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mobile gaming, data … Read more

8 Survivalist Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Every blogging niche has blogs that stand out from the rest and provide excellent content. Some factors that make them great are their consistency in posting and the helpful information they provide. Traffic, blog comments, and Google ranking also illustrate a survival blog’s popularity. So, let’s dive into some of the survivalist blogs that you … Read more