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The volume of the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, the popularity of digital assets does not decrease, and the interest of investors grows, but the risks, unfortunately, still remain. First, they are connected with the key feature of virtual currencies — the instability of the exchange rates and the high level of volatility. However, there’s […]

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The Benefits Of Open Access Publications

There are many benefits to open-access publications, including a boost to research productivity, transparency, and innovation. Here are 10 benefits that researchers often gain by providing open access to their publications: Research Productivity increases with Online Distribution Open access publishing can help increase the research productivity of scientists by making their research more widely available […]


Why You Should Buy an iPad

If you were to walk into a tech store, there is no doubt that you would be overwhelmed with options. There are just so many different tech products on the market now. Each is going to offer its own purpose and give you a new reason to buy it. The convenience that these tech products […]

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The Science of Gamer Motivation

Ever wondered what really motivates gamers to keep playing? Is it the satisfaction of finally completing a level they have been stuck on for hours? The social aspect of playing with friends? Or is there something deeper at work? As it turns out, there is a science to gamer motivation – and understanding it can […]

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Top tips for improving your business marketing

Marketing is a fundamental pillar of any successful business and is responsible not only for attracting a keen customer base but establishing a unique position within your industry.  Despite the clear importance of marketing, however, many businesses neglect their marketing efforts and suffer the negative results that it brings.  Although it is vital to concentrate […]

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The Hundred Cricket Rules

Cricket is a challenging sport to take up for the first time because it is by its very nature a complex, strategic game requiring patience, skill, and mental fortitude. This is especially true when commentators get into full flow and dig deep into their phrasebooks, which frequently sound like foreign tongues. With revised language and […]