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Learn how to use mobile apps for architecture students: Arrette Scale, Archisketch, Morpholio Trace

Majoring in architecture is a challenging process. Luckily, the technological progress makes the lives of students much simpler as there are tons of apps that will really come in handy when you study architecture. The most useful mobile apps for architecture students are Arrette Scale, Morpholio Trace and Archisketch. Let’s take a closer look at…

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teleconference meeting room with table and chairs

Here Are Relevant Applications of Teleconferencing in Today’s World

With physical presence not a barrier to communication, the world is getting smaller by the day. Thanks to existing and emerging technologies, you can speak with someone in a formal or informal setting whenever it’s convenient for you both. Teleconferencing works that way, providing real-time, dynamic, or interactive exchange of ideas and information. The term…

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Chrome vs. Firefox: How do these browsers rank for RAM usage, HTML5 Scores and Add-ons?

We all know that popularity isn’t necessarily indicative of quality and browser choice certainly falls under that mantra. Firefox and Chrome have both enjoyed periods at the height of browser popularity, but today, Chrome undeniably holds that crown. In August 2019, Stat Counter revealed figures showing that Chrome enjoys a near 64% market share among…

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