Why Gaming needs Cybersecurity

Why Gaming needs Cybersecurity 2

We’re currently in the biggest era of gaming since home computers and consoles were first introduced into mainstream culture last Century. Currently, the global gaming industry is worth over $300 billion, with 2.9 billion people all over the world playing games on a regular basis.   In the 21st Century, much of our gaming activities take … Read more

Jackpot Slots Explained

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Online gambling has become the norm. But, as its popularity has increased, so has the game selection. Today, there are not only slots but jackpot slots as well. But what is the difference? While the difference between conventional poker and live poker is simple to understand (the latter streams real-life dealers from inside a studio), … Read more

Live Online Casino Explained

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It’s a safe gamble to say that the last couple of years has been unlike any other. For the majority of businesses, times were difficult as lockdown forced closure. However, the online casino sector flourished as more gamblers turned online for their gambling fix. As a relatively new form of online gambling, live casinos represent … Read more

The Gaming Engines That Make Video Games

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The gaming industry has developed into a massive industry over the years. These developments have forced developers and managers to be dynamic in their approach. For instance, they have to make correct decisions when selecting the right gaming engine platform that suits their needs. Therefore, the best online casino games featured on https://www.bestuscasinos.org/games/ start with a great … Read more

Online crypto casino advantage and popularity

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Most online casinos that allow you to play for cryptocurrency cooperate with several software manufacturers. Hundreds or even thousands of gambling games from leading providers and young studios are available at such sites. You can play slots and roulette, blackjack, poker, video poker, craps, and other games. Usually operates a live casino with real croupiers. … Read more

What is DDI? A solution for managing your network

What is DDI? A solution for managing your network 3

A DDI solution is necessary to run a successful business. This is true because companies constantly broaden their networks by acquiring new IP addresses, whether as a result of market domination or mergers and acquisitions. DNS and DHCP services are managed using an IPAM-integrated DDI system. In its shortened form, it refers to the fusion … Read more

talent.io launched the Job Matcher: Define what success means to you in 6 questions

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Discover the Job Matcher, a tool developed by talent.io, the scale-up leader on the French tech recruitment market and promising challenger in European countries where it operates, interviewed and surveyed hundreds of developers to understand what key factors mattered when thinking about career choices.  If you are a tech talent thinking about your next career … Read more

Terra Cryptocurrency and Its Future Prospects

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Terraform Labs that founded the Terra cryptocurrency, now benefits from the project`s increasing publicity on the Korean market. In addition, the company recently announced that it is going to receive $150 million for the development and creating cryptocurrency projects operating on the top of the Terra blockchain. The funds should come from large investors such … Read more

The Game of Life – Skills We Can Learn from Gaming

The Game of Life – Skills We Can Learn from Gaming 6

Video games are more than meets the eye. They are mainly utilized for entertainment, but several titles teach lessons through storylines and gameplay. As a result, an invested player may gain more than they expect. One noteworthy example is actual real-life skills, which creators increasingly include in video games. They may be less realistic recreations … Read more

How to ensure a crypto exchange security

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In 2009 the first cryptocurrency called Bitcoin appeared. In the beginning nobody believed it would become so popular and precious. In fact nowadays we have thousands of different cryptocurrencies that continue to overwhelm the market. Even though blockchain technology, which is a basis of the cryptocurrency, is marked by a high level of security, fraudsters … Read more

How Game Optimization Fuelled the Mobile and iGaming Industry

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It is no surprise that smartphone use has been steadily growing for the past decade. In fact, mobile devices have not only become more accessible and user-friendly, but they have also incorporated more features and become more multifaceted. Such vital improvements have only been made possible by crucial technological advancements, including significant upgrades in smartphone … Read more