How to Use Online Sticky Notes to Collaborate on Tech Projects

Online Sticky Notes

Collaboration on a tech project is extremely important for many reasons, one being to improve the way the team works together to solve technical problems and identify creative solutions. A technical project needs efficient processes such as improved communication and understanding of the project scope. Proper collaboration can save time, increase productivity, and open up … Read more

Choosing the Best Smartphones for Online Gambling


Among all the recent technologies, smartphones are perhaps the most portable yet the most useful devices being accessible to everyone. Smartphones can help you carry out functions like communications, work, entertainment, and other important tasks. For entertainment, the gambling industry has used this as an essential tool to reach more players globally, especially those who … Read more

How to Create Software Requirements Specification for CRM Project

How to Create Software Requirements Specification for CRM Project 3

When you decide you need a CRM system, you can’t expect your chosen web development company to read your mind and come up with a perfect solution without your input. If you want the project to meet your business objectives, start with a critical requirements assessment. To help your planning, business analysts from the software … Read more

5 Signs Your Small Business Needs Internet Faxing Solutions

hand of man are using a fax machine in the office Business conc

Technology is evolving to new heights, so small businesses must keep up. There are innovative ways to communicate with partners and customers that simplify processes and allow business owners to do more. However, some remain oblivious to the latest solutions for a few reasons, which could make the business stagnant. If your organization is experiencing … Read more

How To Send And Receive Fax Online

Hand touching fax on search bar on tablet screen

If you work in a regulated industry, you’d have sent and received many faxes. Faxing offers several benefits, including legality, accessibility, and authenticity. Throw internet faxing into the mix, and you’d have ease and convenience. Online faxing is a virtual tool that allows the transfer and receipt of fax messages through the internet. Unlike traditional … Read more

How Much Is A Laptop Worth After 5 Years?

Dell laptop on stand

What is the depreciation formula? This is a perennially intriguing subject for laptop users and entrepreneurs. Calculating laptop depreciation is possible in various methods, and the final amount depreciated is dictated by the technique utilized.    Understanding how a laptop’s value depreciates over time may be necessary for individuals concerned with how and when to dispose … Read more