How to Free up Disk Space in Windows 10 [2021 Updated]

Save disk space on windows 10

Introduction Disk space cleanup is a critical must these days with a lot of people opting for a Solid State Drive (SSD) in their computers. SSD drives speed up the computer significantly but the downside is that they tend to be smaller capacity drives, especially if you go for the cheaper options like this Kingston … Read more

8 Ways Phone Systems Help Small Businesses Grow

VOIP Phone (IP Phone) in data center room

In today’s digital world, technology continually redefines vital business processes like communication. In recent years, tech advancements have changed the way businesses communicate with customers and how employees collaborate. This has resulted in the emergence of phone systems that support both small and big business communications. Phone systems come with numerous features that support business … Read more

Custom eLearning Software Development: Why It’s Important To Consider

woman coding on computer

Custom software development is a process that involves the creation of web applications to meet the specific needs of an individual company. Custom software development can be used for many purposes, including eLearning application development. Custom eLearning application development typically requires custom design and programming to target the learning objectives and content needed by a … Read more

Power Apps for Microsoft 365 GCC High

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Microsoft Power Apps enables business owners and professionals to resolve operational difficulties quicker while fulfilling rigorous specifications for governance and security in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Power Apps can offer them digitization of transactions in methods that decrease risk and operational change associated with CMMI and ISO. The process of digitization makes them repeatable … Read more

Best Apps for Smart TV

person holding a remote control

Smart televisions are becoming part of every household. When it comes to watching television, you are not limited to only cable TV. With the availability of high-speed internet, several other platforms came into existence. One of them is a streaming service that allows you to explore the library of TV shows, documentaries, movies, kids’ shows, … Read more

3 Reasons Why the Pouting Face Emoji Is Misunderstood

yellow painted eggs with various facial expressions

It’s been almost three decades since humans have used emojis to convey messages and feelings. Believe it or not, some people consider emojis as “the modern hieroglyphs.” It’s not that we’re going back to the earliest civilization. Instead, it means that people are using emojis excessively. Though emojis appeared in the late 1990s, it serves … Read more

Five Elements to Consider Before Choosing a Video Converter

Five Elements to Consider Before Choosing a Video Converter 1

At present video plays an increasingly vital role in business, education or just everyday life. As a result, video converter is indispensable when people try to process different types of videos. In the market, a big amount of video converters appear one after another as the video processing technology is iterating. At this moment, we’d … Read more