3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website

By | December 17, 2023
3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website 1

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Link building is one of the most crucial and challenging aspects of working for an SEO company. It is difficult to get links from relevant websites with high search engine rankings. You must simultaneously outperform your rivals in search engine rankings, guarantee traffic growth, and avoid having your website pushed through search engine filters.

It will take a lot of time and work to develop and implement a link promotion strategy.

In this article, we will explain the primary function of link building and why outsourcing this work is the best solution.

A brief description of how search engines work

Search engines have been used for advertising since their inception. And it quickly became clear that search engines do not cope well with text spam and other tricks used to deceive the information search and ranking algorithms. Search engines began to use the Internet’s link structure to evaluate the quality of a website and combat text spam.

The logic is simple: should be seen as trustworthy, i.e. it has authority and people can link to it. Naturally, SEO experts ran for cover too, and joined in the selling and buying of links. It appeared to be a miracle: then, if someone buys 100 links, you would move past them and remain high on search engine results pages (SERP) until another company bought more links. The following are the operating principles of the vast majority of the most well-known search engines:

  • The link text (link anchor) describes the content of the page to which the link is directed. As a result, the search engine may believe that the page corresponds to the meaning of the anchor text. This is useful when the promoted page is having difficulty with keyword distribution or binding to the target list of keywords;
  • If a link receives a large number of clicks, it indicates that the link is important and useful to users. Search engines place a higher value on such a link. You can put a hundred links from unvisited sites, links that no one will see, or links that do not pique users’ interest – and they will do nothing for the site. Alternatively, you can provide just one from a high-quality thematic resource from which interested visitors will return to your site regularly, resulting in a significant increase in search results.

Three main reasons to outsource link-building

We’ve explored the fundamentals of how search engines work and how link quality affects them, and now we’ll discuss why outsourcing link building is the best solution for your business:

3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website 2
3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website 4

1. Professional approach

Link building is being outsourced by an increasing number of business owners and SEO agencies to groups that focus on this kind of work. You can use the extra time to work on other business and marketing issues. After your site has been optimized, you need the following to rank highly:

  • Achieve a balance between quality and quantity of links;
  • Guarantee the essential growth dynamics;
  • Ascertain the appropriate proportion of anchor to non-anchor links;
  • Verify that every link comes from a website that is pertinent to your subject;
  • Prevent the occurrence of spam links, or at least reduce their quantity;
  • Guarantee an increase in domain authority.

As you can see, this topic has a wide range of subtleties. It is best to leave such work to a team that is highly sought after by numerous reputable businesses and has a wealth of experience. One such team is the Mellow Promo’s blog. They have extensive experience and a long history of professional work in the following fields: Link building, forum posting, content marketing, all-inclusive search engine optimization, SEO adult, and more.

2. Saving time and money

While an SEO outsourcing team optimizes your website, you can focus on other aspects of your business. Every month, tens of hours are spent analyzing competitors, developing a link strategy, and obtaining links. The team will take on all this work.

3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website 3
3 Reasons to Outsource Link Building For Your Website 5

You will access professionals keeping tabs on what it takes to climb the top of the charts in search results. It is cheaper to hire a link-building agency rather than engage an expensive in-house specialist. That is how you get quality results at minimal costs.

3. Extra advantages

Through outsourcing, you will have access to advanced tools for optimization and improved visibility of your site. It means that if you do your own link building, you may simply waste your money which can harm your website. The success and security of the promotion depend on link promotional specialists.


Obtaining links for a website on your own is time-consuming, costly, and difficult. Under certain conditions, outsourcing this process may be a good option:

  • The site is optimized, well-indexed, and free of technical flaws;
  • You are prepared to work for at least several months with a link-building team;
  • You are open to regular project working communication and have adequate financial resources.

If you want to start promoting your website and plan to use link building to do so, you should first improve your website.

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