Scheduled Refresh for Power BI Reports

By | April 17, 2023
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Power BI is a powerful business analytics service that provides rich interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards to help organizations gain insights from their data. One of the key features of Power BI is the ability to create reports that automatically refresh on a scheduled basis. In this blog post, we will discuss how to run scheduled refresh for Power BI reports.

Step 1: Check your Data Sources

Before scheduling a refresh for your Power BI report, it is important to ensure that your data sources support refresh. Some data sources, such as Excel workbooks, may require additional configuration or have specific requirements for scheduled refresh. For example, if you are using an Excel workbook as a data source, you need to ensure that the workbook is stored in a location that is accessible by the Power BI service.

Step 2: Configure your data source credentials

Once you have verified that your data sources are compatible with a scheduled refresh, you will need to configure your data source credentials. Power BI requires valid credentials to access your data sources and refresh the data in your reports. You can configure your data source credentials by selecting the “Edit Credentials” option in the “Data Source Settings” menu.

Step 3: Schedule the Refresh

Once you have configured your data source credentials, you can schedule the refresh for your report. To schedule a refresh, select the “Scheduled Refresh” option in the “Data Source Settings” menu. You can then set the frequency of the refresh, such as daily or weekly, and specify the time of day when the refresh should occur.

Step 4: Monitor the Refresh

After scheduling a refresh for your report, it is important to monitor the refresh to ensure that it is occurring as expected. You can monitor the refresh by viewing the refresh history in the “Data Source Settings” menu. If the refresh fails, you can view the error details and take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Microsoft Documentation

You can also check out the official Microsoft documentation on how to set up Power BI refreshes using the link below.


Scheduling refresh for your Power BI reports is an essential task to ensure that your reports are up-to-date and accurate. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily schedule a refresh for your report, configure your data source credentials, and monitor the refresh to ensure that it is occurring as expected. With the scheduled refresh, you can save time and focus on analyzing your data instead of manually refreshing your reports.

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