The Technological Evolution of the Online Casino

By | April 17, 2023
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How It Started

Where did the original online slot begin? Well, it all started with the Liberty Bell machine created by Charles Fey in 1887. This slot machine consisted of only 3 reels and included many of the classic symbols we still use today, such as the Horseshoe, Bell, Diamonds, and Spades etc. By 1910, we had the Operator Bell machine, which includes our beloved fruity symbols.

The popularity of online slot machines has traversed through time, becoming a staple for the average online casino. In 2021, The Gambling Commission stated that an average UK citizen would spend £67 on online slots per month, whereas event betting would be approximate to £45. The addition of online table games such as Blackjack and Roulette also proved highly popular with players, as well as online bingo which is much more interactive!

Optimised for the mobile casino, it’s no wonder that players are flocking to their phones to play their favourite casino games, where they even get fun features like free spins and no deposit.

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit  for information on how to gamble safely.

The Launch of Mobile Gaming and Online Casinos

One of the earliest and most popular mobile games can be found on everyone’s favourite ‘brick phone’, the Nokia 6110. Launched in 1997, Snake became one of the first pioneering mobile games set to mark the rise of this industry. Before this, was Tetris, which released in 1994.

By 2007, the first iPhone was launched and then the App Store was developed. Apples most recent stat states that they have 1.84 million games available on their App Store, and it covers almost every genre possible. Even better, Google Play has 2.57 million apps, which well and truly encapsulates the growth of the mobile gaming market. By 2020, UK consumers spent a whopping £1.5 billion on mobile games, which is not very shocking when you think about the impact mobile games such as Candy Crush had on the entire nation!

The introduction of mobile gaming has been very beneficial for the iGaming industry. The rise of technologies such as HTML5, 3G (and now 5G technology) has allowed online casinos to reach more and more people anytime and anywhere. This can be on internet browsers or in-app games. Payment systems such as ‘Pay by Phone’ and ‘Paypal’ have been integrated by many online casinos for a smoother customer gameplay.

The Progression of Online Slots

Since the development of mobile casinos, online slots have developed to be more engaging to their players. The introduction of online bonuses, that could never have been found in their land-based counterparts, was a huge driving force towards its success. Bonuses such as a No Deposit Bonus, Free Spins, Mega Jackpots and more have spiced up the playing field for many avid casino players.

Online slots have also developed themed slots with better graphics as the advancements of computer hardware have progressed. Slots have advanced to be based on your favourite TV show, movie or genres like horror, Irish or Ancient Egypt.

As previously mentioned, games like Snake or Tetris are very basic to look at. There wasn’t a lot of processing power for these games to look so advanced, so developers could only make 2D games, that looked like they did, back in the 90s.

Many online casinos implement HD graphics in order to make their slot look professional. Video slots were originally the standard, until 3D slots became the recent innovation. Compared to video slots, these are much bigger and better.

Online casino’s such as mFortune has many themed slots, such as: Eastern Magic, Big Irish Bucks and Shifting Scarabs! If you’re looking for some fun games to play, with amazing graphics then mFortune is one to check out.

A Reality and V Reality

Augmented Reality essentially superimposes the world in a computer with real life. An example of this is Pokémon Go and Wizard Unite. Mobile games as such have allowed casual users to enjoy casual gaming, meaning its expanded from being a world of just niche gamers.

Both AR and VR technologies mean that players can feel like they are immersed in the world of casinos – especially with Virtual Reality. Although this aspect of iGaming is still in its early days,

The Future of Online Casinos

By 2025, its claimed that mobile games could generate $5 billion in the UK alone. As technologies advance, its won’t be long before players can visit casinos from the comfort of their own home on a much larger scale.

Online casinos may offer more graphically advanced slots and may even offer features that are more interactive with players. Maybe they can choose if they want Free Spins or a No Deposit Bonus? Or perhaps they can change the themes of their favourite games while playing?

You never know what may be possible!

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