GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers and headphones have been available for many years now, mostly with the same boring design with price ranges depending upon what logo is on them. But the seemingly most boring things can become the easiest if you apply them correctly. For example, writing a dissertation may seem like the most boring and difficult […]


Java 8 Update 333 MSI Installers Released

Java released version 8 update 333 of their client this week and we have now extracted and uploaded the offline and MSI versions for you to download. Having the ability to use MSI installers is much easier when it comes to deployment to a large number of computers. You can use these installers with deployment […]

General Tech

How to ensure a crypto exchange security

In 2009 the first cryptocurrency called Bitcoin appeared. In the beginning nobody believed it would become so popular and precious. In fact nowadays we have thousands of different cryptocurrencies that continue to overwhelm the market. Even though blockchain technology, which is a basis of the cryptocurrency, is marked by a high level of security, fraudsters […]