How to Choose an Internet Service Provider?

By | April 17, 2023
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Having to choose an Internet Service Provider company can be an exhausting and time-consuming responsibility. Considering services are subscription-based, which means the cost depends on usage levels, data speed, and bundled services, you need to find the right package that will fit your needs. And it involves some research. For starters, a good ISP must provide a stable and reliable connection that suffers minimal outage and downtime and causes as little trouble as possible. In the following, we will share with you some tips on how you can choose a proper and reliable ISP company. And in the meantime, feel free to check the Glimp website where you can compare broadband deals in no time.

Download and Upload Speed

The first thing we look for is the download and upload speed whenever we go ISP hunting. If you set up a more expensive plan, the download and upload speeds will be faster. However, nowadays even the most basic Internet plans offer good deals on speed. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits, so you will need speeds higher than 25 Mbps if you want to stream Netflix in 4K. Other than that, you are good to go with lower speeds.

Nevertheless, we are doing more video calls now than ever, so you need to check the upload speed and compare it to different Internet plans. Now, let’s discuss the latency. It’s important for online gaming so a latency of around 50 ms can be a good deal. To test your Internet speed you can check some online platforms like, and  and get an idea of how fast your internet connection is. Or you can check some guides about Internet speed test results on YouTube to get an idea of the concept.

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Type of Connection

Here are some different types of Internet connections that can be available in your area. Fiber optic internet is the best connection type and it comes to your home via a fiber-optic cable that uses pulses of light or gibers of glass to transmit the data. The download speed can be as fast as 2 gigabits and you can download a two-hour movie in less than a minute. 

DSL internet is great for rural areas. It refers to a digital subscriber line and runs through the phone lines. You can use this type of connection without worrying about any disruption in incoming calls.

Satellite internet is slow and expensive, but it can be an option if no other option is available. The ISP company will come to install a satellite dish either on the ground facing southward or on the roof of your house.

The type of Internet connection can vary on the ISP company. If you want the best performance and higher speeds, you need to pick an Internet Service Provider that offers a fiber connection. Cable and copper internet connections are widely used and offer slower services. While some ISP companies can install a receiver unit, it may not achieve the ultimate performance of its counterpart, the fiber internet connection due to some physical limitations.


Along with the internet connection type and the speeds, reliability is crucial in having a stable connection. Reliability means consistency of speed and service. Some variations across a particular region can be possible, but they need to be consistent with each end-user. While there are some tips to make your internet connection more stable, like positioning your router correctly, upgrading the router, or using a wi-fi extender, it’s important to choose a reliable Internet plan.

Good Customer Service

Have you ever spent hours trying to get to the customer service or technical support team while facing an issue? Good customer support plays a big role in any ISP company. Satisfied customers are loyal customers and if something goes wrong or a user faces an internet outage, the support team should always be there to provide a solution or reassurance that the problem will be solved.

Rollover Policy

The rollover policy allows users to roll over the remaining internet data that was not used for the next month. This means, that if you weren’t able to spend all of the data caps in the entire month, you will have it transferred for the subsequent month with no charges. The ISP company should have such an option because it can be helpful when you are on vacation and you can’t spend all of the internet data. And other ISPs will offer an option to pause the broadband connection for a minimal fee if you are not able to use it for a few months. This will save you time and energy going back and forth in paperwork and calls to the tech and customer support team. And lastly, enjoy your internet services!

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