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Over time, animation has become a critical component for advertising. As a result, advertisers may create exactly the tale they want, from the more imaginative and fanciful to the more typical manner of explainer videos. I’ll explain how animation is utilized in advertising further down, but first, let’s look at how animation has evolved in advertising throughout time.

What has been the evolution of animation in advertising throughout the years?

In general, animation has exploded in popularity during the previous 20/25 years. It used to be fairly frame-based, with the concentration on individual frames to generate a simple animation. With the help of computers and new technologies, you can now create very detailed 3D animation renderings. As a result, spectators will be enticed by exceptionally high-quality animations. As a result, in the advertising area, businesses can now employ animation to substantially increase their brand since consumers are much more captivated to animation.

The degree of freedom that animation enables is ultimately why advertisers choose animation over more traditional live-action commercials. You have total control over the story you wish to tell to your audience. Whether you want an audience to engage with a more standard explainer video or a more creative and fanciful tale, you want them to remember your brand as a consequence.

What are some ways that animation may help you raise brand awareness?

Your brand can profit from animation advertising since it can provide a simple or more creative manner of communicating what your brand is all about. As previously said, you may create short explainer movies that highlight your specific services and what you provide to your consumers. You may even create animated infographics — all of these minor details will help you engage your audience. Even the more recent augmented reality allows a potential buyers to virtually shop your business and choose the things they want to purchase.

People like having fun with things, especially when it comes to animation. The usage of animation has undoubtedly been at the forefront of providing consumers with new experiences.

What role does animation play in advertising?

In terms of how animation is utilized in advertising, it helps you to creatively capture the soul of a brand. You may employ animation to get greater control over the message you wish to send out. Rather than using a more typical live-action technique, where your message would be identical to hundreds of others, animation allows you to customize your message precisely as you want it.

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All of this can also be accomplished with a much smaller crew, so instead of a huge production, you now have a smaller team of animators building the brand story that best meets your needs.

The finest examples of animation in advertising communicate succinct information fast and clearly while also delivering information in a creative style that is memorable.

Cadbury Screme Egg: They’re Here

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs were a limited-edition product that featured the iconic horror film Dawn of the Dead. Cadbury jumps on the zombie apocalypse (in the graveyard!) bandwagon in this humorous 39-second animated advertisement to capture the audience’s attention. This hilarious commercial persuades viewers to try the eerie-looking Screme Egg for Halloween.

Using a plot that can only be found in novels to advertise limited edition items may be highly effective. It’s no surprise that since its release in 2013, this well-made Cadbury Screme Egg advertisement has received over 4 million views on YouTube.

McDonald’s Mobile App Launch

The new McDonald’s mobile app is featured in an animated commercial with well-known movie characters. The McDonald’s mobile app allows you to simply enjoy a meal with friends, family, or even long-lost loved ones in this easy 35-second animated ad.

The mobile app was able to garner seven million downloads in just two years after its introduction thanks to these animated adverts.


They showed the red cups that they utilize throughout the Christmas season in this animated commercial.

The festive background music and snowy animation make us want Starbucks Christmas beverages even more to get into the holiday mood.

Consider what kind of energy you want to produce and communicate to your potential clients as you plan your animated commercial video, and choose components that can properly support it.

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