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How to Select a Top Investor Relations Services Provider

As a publicly traded company, you understand the value of improving Investor Relations (IR). Engaging more effectively with private investors and investment banks helps you generate more capital, improve consumer confidence, and augment your brand reach. Having the right IR team on your side is certainly beneficial. But picking one can be challenging. Your first […]

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High Tech Business Ideas for 2023

As the realm of technology continues to rapidly expand, businesses must be ever-ready to take advantage of new opportunities and keep on top of developments. From artificial intelligence and cloud computing through robotics, there is a wealth of possibilities for enterprising minds to create products or services that could revolutionize entire industries. It is no […]

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Software Outsourcing Partner

Insufficient research, vague requirements, unclear communication, etc., can lead businesses to make the wrong choice. Though there are definitely pros and cons to IT outsourcing, it can greatly reduce costs and save a significant amount of time if done properly. However, choosing the wrong development partner could also result in subpar software quality, delayed releases, […]


Netflix Secret Menu

Netflix has a secret menu hidden away that most people are unaware of. It’s mainly meant for techy people but you can tweak buffering settings which you might want to have a play around with. You can unlock it from a smart TV or console by using the following steps: You will then get into the secret […]

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Machine learning options for fraud detection in financial enterprises

It was always not so easy to detect fraud. Accordingly, extremely many methods were used to achieve this and financial organizations tried to implement something new all the time. However, the results weren’t productive in each case. Later, a great solution for the problem was found. It was represented by the machine learning methods we […]

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5 Ways to Increase Your Conversions on an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce continues to grow year after year, with the worldwide market projected to reach $27.15 trillion by 2027. If you’ve recently launched an e-commerce website or are planning to launch one soon, now is the perfect time! Moreover, launching an e-commerce website is not as easy as it seems. If you operate an e-commerce website, […]


We Have Moved!

When I started TechyGeeksHome back in 2010, it was for my own reference when finding out fixes and methods to support my “day job” as an IT Professional. I used Google’s Blogger for no particular reason other than it popping up first on Google’s search results. Eventually moving to WordPress as the site got bigger […]

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7 Business Risks for Tech Companies

All businesses face external and internal risks that can damage their business. In the tech industry, these risks are considerably high. To better protect your assets, you need to first understand the common risks facing your company. What Is Business Risk? If you find yourself asking “what is business risk?”, the answer simply refers to […]