Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Animation Videos Online?

By | April 17, 2023
Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Animation Videos Online? 1

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Creating an animated explainer video can help keep your audience informed about the products or services. Many businesses and marketers opt to make animation videos online to leave a lasting impression. But, it is essential to choose the right animation maker. At the same time, you should know how to make animation videos online.

In this article, we have put together a guide to show you how to create an animation video that suits your brand. All you have is to follow a few steps to ensure your project will complete in the best way possible.

Part 1: 4 Steps to Make Animated Video Online

Wondering how to make animation online? In this section, we will discuss four easy steps to create animation videos without any hassle.

Step # 1 – Plan ahead to prepare your content

No doubt, planning is one of the most important stages in the video creation process. If you have a great plan, it will result in successful animated videos. Remember, that’s what separates the average animations from the best ones. For that purpose, make sure to plan ahead of your time. Also, you need to focus on two major aspects – audience and goals.

You need to understand “Who is my target audience?” Knowing your audience can help create the right kind of animated video. Best animated videos are the ones that take the audience’s interests into consideration. Also, consider what motivates them to act.

Step # 2 – Write your video script

A strong video script is comprised of a clear view of your audience and your objectives. In this step of video creation, you need to write a script for your animation. Sometimes, script writing can be more challenging than actually animating the video. But, all you have is to consider a few important things to write an effective script.

Make sure to have clarity on:

  • What does an animation video need to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your goals?
  • What action should the audience take after watching?

 If you want to make a video animation online, scriptwriting plays a crucial role.

Step # 3 – Create a storyboard

Once you have written a strong script, the next step is to create a storyboard for your animated video. Know that it is a visual elaboration of your script. In other words, a storyboard puts sketches next to the script (text). With the help of a storyboard, you can visualize how your animated video will look.

You need to start looking at the key scenes in your animation story. It will help you to add a piece of script to each key scene. As a result, you can depict what your video will look like in that specific scene. Sketching is fine when it comes to the animation video creation process.

Step # 4 – Animate your story

As you already have all the necessary elements, it is the right time to animate your story. Doing this can help turn your ideas into beautiful-looking video content. Make sure everything is perfect when animating your story, including sounds, effects and animations. The best free animation software online can help create professional animated videos. Most importantly, you need to identify a suitable style of animation and make sure to stick with it.

Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Animation Videos Online? 2
Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Animation Videos Online? 3

Part 2: The Best Animation Software Online for Free


Have you been searching for an animation video maker? Doratoon is a perfect choice to create online cartoon videos in no time. It enables you to use the latest technology to craft beautiful, engaging animation videos. With a huge collection of templates, it gives you more control over your video creation process.

Let’s take a look at some notable features:

PPT to Video Conversion

This is one of the best features that lets you convert your PowerPoint PPTs into a video animation. It saves you from the hassle of creating animated videos from scratch.

AI Dubbing

One of the most popular features of Doratoon – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dubbing. AI Dubbing can quickly convert the text input into audio.

Animated Characters

Doratoon offers tons of animated characters to help you choose the most suitable ones.

Smart Subtitling

Are you looking for an alternative to writing subtitles on your own? This is where Doratoon’s Smart Subtitling feature comes in handy.


In our article, we have presented a detailed guide on how to create animation videos online. Selecting the right animation maker website is the most important step in the video creation process. Still, many people often overlook the importance of the right animation maker tool. As discussed above, Doratoon comes with some key features to help customize your animated videos. As one of the versatile tools, it has a huge collection of animated video templates for your business.

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