Can Medical Web Development Help Medical Practices Improve Performance and provide patients with effective access

By using mobile and web development technologies in medicine, patients can more easily get help from doctors remotely, and clinic staff and self-employed doctors can more effectively organize work.

The spread of COVID-19 has paused the world and slowed down many processes. A major crisis in the healthcare system has had a strong impact on businesses from various industries. The business suffered colossal losses, and only a few areas began to flourish, finding themselves in demand in the changed conditions.

Telecommunications is one of the rare industries that are rapidly developing in the new environment. First of all, teleconsultation has infiltrated healthcare. Experts noted a surge in interest in the industry. They expect the global telehealth market to reach US $ 266.8 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 23.4%.

Telecommunications and telemedicine as the new norm

The coronavirus outbreak has put tremendous pressure on healthcare infrastructure around the world. Many medical centers were not ready for such an influx of patients. In conditions of increased workload on clinic staff and the rapid spread of viral infection, it is important to organize contactless interaction of patients with doctors in mobile applications, computers and other devices using information technology.

Mobile healthcare is a safe way to provide online healthcare for patients with chronic and other serious illnesses during a pandemic. At the same time, there is no additional risk of infection for healthcare workers and patients. In addition, web technologies can be useful for medical students as well. This shows the high social significance and development prospects of the industry. You can find out about the correct design of a medical website here:

Telemedicine increases the availability of medical care for different segments of the population. Modern technologies (including the Internet of Things, applications with artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality) are being introduced into existing processes. They are expanding the telemedicine services offered and improving their quality.

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The functionality of the telemedicine website assumes:

  • providing access to medical care for a wide range of patients,
  • improving the quality and efficiency of medical care,
  • ridding the patient of queues and unnecessary visits to clinics,
  • the ability to view patient records without being in a medical institution and store examination results on mobile devices or other means of communication.

The scope of telemedicine is wide for both doctors and patients.

Using the medical site, any user will be able to receive various services of the clinic, for example, view a medical record or consult a doctor while in another city or even abroad. With the help of mobile solutions, he can also quickly learn how to prepare for surgery, decide on the purchase of a drug or receive a vaccination.

You do not need to self-medicate if disturbing symptoms have arisen – it is better to remotely consult a specialist. You can save time on trips to the clinic, if you need to adjust the treatment, or find out what tests to take. The choice of a specialist is primarily influenced by his competence, and not by the address at which he receives patients. These opportunities have a positive impact on the development of electronic health services.

It is already clear that after the suppression of the outbreak of coronavirus, telemedicine will gain a foothold as an indispensable element of the new standard of service provision. We recommend that doctors and medical organizations pay attention to this trend and organize remote patient appointments in a timely manner. To do this, it is important to improve the quality of remote service and solve related technical problems.

Our team is actively working in the direction of telemedicine. Our medical services can be adapted to customer requirements and used as:

  • personal application or website of a private practitioner,
  • a medical site that matches the brand of a particular medical center,
  • online service for small and medium businesses.

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