Overview of Six Sigma Green Belt Certbolt Exam and Its In-demand Training Courses and Practice Tests

By | March 19, 2023
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If you are already knowledgeable about the Six Sigma concepts and want to handle projects in the best companies, it will be a wise decision to pass the Green Belt exam first and earn the badge. With it, you validate your willingness to grow your business acumen, foster your commercial value, and prove far-reaching impact to the organization. So, how to obtain this credential, what are the test’s details, and which materials are best for preparation? The answers are in this article!

Your Choice of Accrediting Body Matters

There are several Six Sigma certification providers and the most prominent of them are ASQ, IASSC, and CSSC. Because of this, it is understandable that their Green Belt exams will have a little variation in content and organizational features. Let’s see the main differences so you’ll have an idea of the test beforehand.


Allotted Time, Number and Format of Questions

Sitting for the assessment offered by the IASSC, you will have a total of 3 hours to complete 100 questions of multiple-choice and true/false types. In some cases, you may also face up to 10 unscored tasks.

On the other hand, the ASQ allots 4 hours and 18 minutes for the computer-delivered exam with 100 standard and 10 non-graded items. If you choose the paper-and-pencil version, you will only be given 4 hours to complete your assessment.

Accordingly, the process would be different if you pick the CSSC as the vendor. You’ll have only 2 hours to answer all the questions but at the same time, you’ll be given 3 attempts to pass it.

Skills Measured

Even with the differences in the exam format, these providers all share a general pattern. The skills demanded in every Green Belt assessment begin from the most basic concepts to in-depth, real-life techniques. First, it is paramount to gain expertise in the Body of Knowledge and the DMAIC model. Then, you have to master key charting methods needed in approaching histograms, scatter plots, and check sheets. Other important points to concentrate on are core statistics, CTQ, the voice of the Business & Customer, problem-solving, project management, and leadership.

How to Better Target Your Green Belt Proficiency?

Discussing the outline wouldn’t be complete without referring to the preparation materials. For you to conclude the assessment with a bang, supplement your training with practice tests. These files contain questions and answers for you to assess yourself and understand what mistakes you have to correct beforehand. Thus, you’ll tune up your flair of the Six Sigma concepts needed to become Green Belt certified.



Exam syllabus, check. Revision resources, check. The only thing left to check is your dedication and fortitude to succeed. It’s not easy, but the Six Sigma certification process itself is a worthy journey. So, finalize your thoughts and close all your doubts with the help of practice tests to earn your Green Belt credential!

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