people on a video call

Advice to hold a successful online video conference or meeting

The popularity of video conferencing has been consistently growing over recent years but experienced a meteoric rise through the recent Coronavirus pandemic. With populations forced to stay at home through isolation measures, remote-working for staff became the norm through COVID making companies rely more and more on cloud networks and, in particular, video conferencing systems…

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school bench with stationery in classroom

True Cost of an LMS

Every business, at least every business that wants to stay in business, manages cost. An organisation assessing the cost of a Learning Management System (LMS) also wants the best value for money. First, you need to think carefully about the type of LMS that’s right for your organisation – whether you’re using one for educating…

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Online Casinos and Sportsbooks: Why They are More Popular than Their Physical Counterparts 1

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks: Why They are More Popular than Their Physical Counterparts

Bonuses and Rewards Available Online One way the online casinos and sportsbooks have the upper leg on their physical counterparts is bonuses. Users joining an online sportsbook and casinos will find a wide selection of bonus types – perfect for everyone from new users just joining the site to established customers being rewarded for their…

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man holding remote control

Some of the more simplistic things you can do on your computer to help you relax after a busy day

If you’ve been working on computers all day, the last thing you’d think you’d want to stare at during your free time in the evening is a computer screen. Whether you’ve spent the day busy programming new software, designing some new HTML, or developing something completely different, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel exhausted from…

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