Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business

By | April 17, 2023
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If you want to create a poker website similar to titans like PokerStars, you’ll need the right piece of software that will get you on their playing level.

Fortunately, there is quite a variety of such software providers out there that you can choose from. However, we won’t be listing all of them here. Instead, we’ll only list the ones that we think bring the most value for money, the best customization options, and the most versatile interface to allow for ease of use.

Of course, the software also needs to provide multiple payment methods, accept different currencies, and offer players loads of accessibility options. In short, the software must meet both you and your potential customers’ needs. Without further ado, here are our top poker software platforms:


Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 1
Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 6

BetConstruct is one of the oldest and most proficient provider of casino software, licensing, and much more related to the gambling industry. As of now, the Betconstruct poker software package includes multiple variations of the game, support for multiple platforms and browsers, fully configurable sets, game history playback, and much more.

The company also offers several types of bundles for revenue sharing so that you can choose one that fits your needs and budgets perfectly. Also, they have a free trial available so that you will have enough time to decide whether it is the best solution for you and your potential clients.

EveryMatrix’s GamMatrix

Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 2
Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 7

EveryMatrix has also been one of the top players within the casino software market. While the provider itself offers numerous types of services, they have decided to split their iGaming offerings into a separate platform to allow for a more seamless management of online casinos.

As such, if your goal is to create a poker website, you can try and see if GamMatrix is the right solution for you. They have an impressive number of popular poker and betting websites to back up their claims in case you are not fully convinced about their offerings.


Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 3
Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 8

Despite being far newer on the market than our previous two competitors, Creatiosoft have some pretty impressive offerings for people looking to build a poker website or even those who want a full casino or those looking to offer their clients AR and VR experiences.

As a bonus, they also specialize in casual mobile titles, with one of their most renowned titles being “Catch the Bull”, one of the most successful Temple Run styled mobile games currently available for iOS and Android alike.


Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 4
Top 4 Poker Software Platforms For Your Business 9

Digient’s poker solutions is fairly flexible, offering a complete poker platform for those who want to open up a strictly poker-based online business of their own. As you would expect, they also have a wide variety of types of poker games and they allow users to customize tournament rules and just about anything else you can think about.

Similar to all the other platforms on our list, they offer CRM solutions, multiple currency support, multiple language support, and a fully customizable product at a relatively affordable price point.

Which One is the Best For You?

It’s up to you to decide which one of these is the best for your specific needs and budget. We recommend testing them all out and reaching out to their support team to get a list of all the specific information you might need.

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