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In the summer of 2019, there were about 1,800 types of cryptocurrencies in the world, with Bitcoin and Ethereum still being the most popular. However, promising new tokens continue to appear on the market.  What is a cryptocurrency and how is it used today? Cryptocurrency is digital money, which has no fiat counterpart. Crypto differs … Read more

FileZilla FTP Client MSI Installer v3.50.0 Released

FileZilla FTP

With the new FileZilla FTP Client release to v3.50.0, we have now created the MSI installer for it and added to our MSI Archive.

This is the standalone version that has been repackaged by us into an MSI installer. This means that you can use this for deployment with ConfigMgr, WDS, Group Policy and MDT amongst other systems.


MSI Downloader

You can download our MSI Downloader tool which has the new version of FileZilla included in it along with a wide range of other MSI installers.

Download MSI Downloader

Download MSI Downloader

Direct Download

If you prefer, you can directly download just the FileZilla Client MSI Package using the link below:

FileZilla FTP Client MSI Package

If you prefer, you can directly download just the FileZilla Client MSI Package using the button below.

RSS Feed

To keep up to date with all of our MSI installer updates, you can add our project page RSS feed using the link below:


If you want to distribute FileZilla as a silent install, then you can use the code as below:

WDS or Group Policy

FileZilla FTP Client.msi /q /norestart

Configuration Manager

msiexec /i "FileZilla FTP Client.msi" /q /norestart


If you have any questions or feedback on this post, please feel free to leave us a message below in our comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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