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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:47 am

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Data privacy is something that should concern everyone. If you’re not careful, cybercriminals can harvest your data and can either sell them or use it to their advantage. They can use it to steal your identity and can even track everything that you do online. Luckily, there are a few Virtual Privacy Network providers that can help you. One of them is NordVPN. For the past 8 years, NordVPN has been developing internet privacy solutions for its millions of users. We’ve listed a few reasons why you should be one of them. 

What is Data Privacy? 

Before we move further, let’s talk about data privacy and why it should concern you. This will help you understand this NordVPN review better. For those who are still confused, data privacy refers to the information that you put up on the internet and how they are managed by you. Some of the most important data that you might have used online are bank account details, government numbers, and credit card numbers. Even your personal information may be up on the internet like full name, birthdate, address, and more. You may have encoded the mentioned information, whether for online transactions or enrolling in a website. All of these are vulnerable to breach. They can be used for scams, phishing, identity theft, and more. 

How can NordVPN help you with data privacy? 

Virtual Privacy Network, or VPN, is used if you want everything that you do online to be untraceable. It encrypts anonymous and secured connections for you so you can use your network privately. This is very useful if you’re connecting to a public network. However, aside from the basic functions of a VPN, NordVPN has a lot of extra features for you to enjoy. 

Enjoy the Double VPN feature

If you’re working on something that needs the maximum protection to prevent leaks, this feature will surely be a big help. You get twice the regular VPN security. Two VPN servers will be used for your web traffic. You can enjoy up to six simultaneous connections with NordVPN and enjoy your dedicated IP address. 

Surf the web safely

NordVPN can also help you block malware before it infects your hardware. The software alerts you about malicious and untrusted websites once it is detected. If you’re not a fan of pesky ads, then NordVPN will automatically block them for you as well. If you’re wondering, NordVPN doesn’t collect your data and web history. 

Enjoy fast connections

Aside from securing your data, NordVPN has thousands of VPN servers around the world to help you enjoy faster connections. Say goodbye to lags and buffers when watching videos or playing games. Having more servers means less load and waiting time. 

24/7 Customer Service

In case you experience troubles or you need help on how to use NordVPN, their customer support is well equipped to help you. Plus, no need to wait for business hours since you can call them any time of the day. 

System Requirements 

The minimum operating system for Windows must be Windows 10, 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8.1, 32Bit or 64Bit; Windows 8, 32Bit or 64Bit; and Windows 7, 32Bit or 64Bit. For Mac, .X (High Sierra); macOS 10.12.X (Sierra); Mac OS X 10.11.X (El Capitan); Mac OS X 10.10.X (Yosemite). It also supports Linux. You may secure up to 6 devices at the same time. 


Your privacy must not be compromised whenever you surf the web. With NordVPN, you won’t have to worry about data breaches. Its military-grade encryption and added features make streaming more enjoyable and worry-free.

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