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You may have noticed recently that we are having a few issues with our URL’s not pointing to the correct pages when being visited from referers.

This is happening due to a problem with some of our older articles having long URL paths and resulting in 404 errors (page not found).

In fact, the pages are still on the website but will just be at a different URL path. But dont worry our technical team have jumped into action and are working on fixing this problem. If you do end up here when you are looking for something else, please use the search facility or the top menu and you will find what you came looking for.


We have a huge range of guides, ranging from highly technical corporate environments to home users to TV setup guides!

You can take a look at all of our guides here or just take a search using the search box towards the top right of the site.


We do have our own news archives on this site. These are mainly updates on software and gaming releases, but feel free to take a look and see if there is something in there for your interest.

You can check out the news archive by clicking here.


We also carry out reviews on this site and these range from all sorts of different things from technology and gadgets, to clothing and watches!

You can check out our range of reviews by clicking here.

If you have a product that you would like us to review for you, please send us the information by using our Contact page.


We have over 160 free downloads available on this website. These range from our very own custom created tools and utilities to Windows language packs and MSI installers for systems like Group Policy and System Center deployment.

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To check out our full range of downloads, you can view this page here.

How to Download from TechyGeeksHome

If you are struggling to figure out how our downloads work, we have put together a quick walkthrough video guide here:


If all this fails to entertain or help you, then you can head off to our YouTube channel and check out our helpful guides in video format!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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