3 Popular PHP Frameworks to Learn

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 12:47 am

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Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is an open-source language used for server-side scripting, which is mainly used for web application development. While using PHP for any web application, its execution on the server happens before getting on to the web browser.

PHP is easy to learn and can be conveniently related to Oracle, MySQL, and other databases. The top 3 PHP frameworks that you can learn are –


It can be used to develop a Content Management System (CMS) application. Considering more traffic, this one has more upscale features. Multiple features ease out the work of the developers and also helps in saving their time; thus it can develop a web application from scratch in a much easier way. You can also incorporate Swift Mailer here. It is needed to send error-free emails from the apps. The dynamic capabilities of this framework make it highly accessible.

Why learn Laravel?

  • It offers excellent security, even though a lot of that depends on the developer who is writing the code.
  • Laravel helps in the easy expansion of the web application database structure by its migration system. Every time there is no need for code recreation and hence no risk of data loss.
  • It has a built-in command-line tool called Artisian that can automate all the tedious coding tasks
  • Laravel is a type of PHP framework that can help you to customize complex apps by offering easy data migration, routing, authentication, MVC architecture support, and view template engine.


This is an application framework which is around 2MB in size. It comes with many pre-built modules so that you can develop a fully-featured web application. It is lightweight, and it also uses the Model View Controller (MVC) framework.

Why learn CodeIgniter?

  • It is easy to install and comes with a library that is needed for web development tasks
  • It has in-built security tools, highly illustrated documentation, and error handling tools. It encourages to create a scalable web application
  • It generates clean and user-friendly links
  • It is fast, efficient and great for developing lightweight applications


It is one of the most used PHP frameworks from around the globe. You can create complex and big applications simply and elegantly using this framework. It comes with some really impressive visual features. CakePHP is based on the concept of creating, reading, updating, and deleting, also known as CRUD. You can consider this framework for some machine learning software options even though Python is more popular for such purposes.

Why learn CakePHP?

  • It is very simple and easy to install. It is an open-source web development platform that uses a web server and a framework’s copy to create a web application
  • It uses codes that are pre-written and hence saves a lot of your development time
  • It uses an MVC model which gives a very professional approach to the coding that collaborates logic and data and keeps the same in the database
  • It supports validation, proper class inheritance, and security


PHP can help you develop all your web sites, web apps, general-purpose programs, and server scripts very easily. The popularity of this language lies in the fact that it is effortless to use, is compatible with all operating systems, and is less time-consuming. The saved time you can spend on project management or other work-related tasks.

3 Popular PHP Frameworks to Learn 1

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