8 Strategic Ways To Successfully Trade On Amazon FBA


1. Analyze your competitors’ products

First, look at the best sellers on Amazon

As a newbie, it is never wise to compete with the highest sellers. You need to do thorough research on popular products or that sells and your competitors’ products.  

Use services like the Unicorn Smasher or AMZ Scout to get access to information like fee calculators, expected monthly sales, and more details on the competitor.

2. Choose the products you sell wisely

Fast selling products rank high and attract a lot of competition.

Slow selling products rank low, resulting in storing for a long term and higher storage fees.

However, you can profit from the slow-selling item by becoming the dominant seller for such listings if you can find out its sales rank. 

3. Bundling products

It is challenging to keep your product afloat when there are so many other similar products in the pool. 

The best way around it is by creating a new bundle list. For instance, you can add a popular board game with an extra dice bag and charge more because of the bonus.

This way, it allows you to make a distinct listing that is sure to pop up whenever people look for the main product.

Buyers who click on your listing will buy from you and eliminates the competition.

4. Humble beginning

List a few products as a start; it is unnecessary to put in hundreds of products without knowing the market.

Gradually increase your items as you begin to learn the ropes of the business.

5. Create your brand

There are millions of products on Amazon, and to stand out in the crowd, you need to do something different and unique from the others. 

There are a variety of things you can do to make your items different. For instance, understand the needs of your targeted audience, brand positioning, unique packaging, create steadily designed product titles, descriptions, and images. 

You can manage your online store, which allows you to use customer experience that complements Amazon sales.

The various social media platforms are other ways of starting right.

6. Use credible SEO practices

It is not easy to have your product discovered quickly in a massive marketplace like Amazon.

However, it functions just like Google, which uses the ranking factor to determine the type of products to display on a given search.

Use appropriate and robust keywords to enable top listings of your products on the Amazon search engine.

7. To see is to believe

According to Amazon requirements, you need to submit eight photos of your product. 

Out of the eight, one has to solely have the product image alone against a black background without any text, people, etc.

You can get 360-degree images and an accompanying video to make it more engaging.

8. Enhance your product titles

You can add up to 250 characters on Amazon for titles.

Your objective would be to use the allotted characters to point out the necessary details to describe your product precisely.

Example: Brand name, product name, essential features like size color, etc.

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