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The Internet and Us

Being the offspring of a baby boomer has its benefits, I mean I got to grow up with the Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, and Power Rangers while they were happening. Born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s, we got our first family computer when Windows 95 came out. I had the unfortunate luck […]

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Volutz USB Cables Review

Introduction I’ve had an iPhone and iPad for years and like peoples smart devices – the batteries get worse with age which means that you have to charge them more often. Being in the car a lot I have always charged my iPhone in particular, in the car using the USB port. Also like most […]

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Should my school teach S.T.E.M or S.T.E.A.M.?

Science and technology is all around us.  It does not matter if we talking about coronavirus vaccine research or developing a website like Intertops mobile casino.  They both involve science and technology.   Education School Boards have been talking about the S.T.E.M curriculum.  Schools must have S.T.E.M.  Kids need S.T.E.M. knowledge to succeed in life.  But […]

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6 Tips for Managers on Improving Communication with Remote Teams

The number of remote workers in the US increased by 159% between 2005 and 2017. It’s hardly surprising. After all, working remotely allows you to swap the soul-crushing commute and office politics for more professional freedom. You could be earning a living at home in your pajamas or on a paradisiacal tropical beach somewhere. At the same time, remote […]

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Using Tech To Talk Tools For Older Adults

As our loved ones grow older, their brain continuously changes. As the brain changes, so do communication in older adults. This can present some serious challenges to those older adults and those caring for them. Thankfully, newer tech-based communication tools can help to bridge communication gaps. When the conversation is a struggle due to old […]