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How to open an online casino on the Internet. Business idea from scratch.

After the official closure of land-based casinos around the world, the gambling business moved to the Internet, but such a project requires attention from its organizer. To begin with, you must protect yourself in terms of the legitimacy of your business, so that you do not have problems later: get a license for conducting online […]

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How To Write a Project Centered Resume

30 years ago, when I graduated from college, we were taught to write the 1-page resume that was written in chronological order starting with your most recent job and going backwards.  But do you think that when you’re applying for a job, at say, Thunderbolt online casino, that is still the best approach, especially in […]

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What Things Make Online Casino So Popular

Gambling continues to enjoy great popularity. It is obviously human nature to test happiness according to the motto “if you don’t dare, you don’t win.” This also applies to the online age. The “gambling industry” keeps up with the times and has long been offering their games via the Internet. An offer that the generation […]