Super Alexa Mode Activated


Like many others in the world at the moment, I’m stuck in my house in isolation from the CoronaVirus or CoVid-19 if you will.

Apart from “working from home” I’m pretty bored and have watched everything on the TV worth watching.

So I did what most people will end up doing and hit YouTube and entered the endless loop of crap. However, I came across a short video which apparently shows you how to make paper aeroplanes and which colours to paint them.

This was great and filled at least 10 whole minutes of my day! But I carried on browsing YouTube and found a video that showed how to get Alexa into Super Mode using super Alexa mode code!

What does Super Alexa Mode do?

Wow, I thought, I wonder what that will do? or was it just a wind up by other bored people on the internet?

Anyway, I tried it and it worked for me, so you go ahead and give it a try…

How to put Alexa into Super Mode

Go and speak to your Alexa and say this:

Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

Now listen as she transforms into Super Alexa!


I am that bored. Put this provided me at least 3 minutes of entertainment so try it out! Will quarantine ever end…???

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