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5 Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing: What to Think about Before Setting It Up?

Nowadays, advertising is everywhere. Here and there you can see famous stars taking part in photo shootings for well-known brands of luxury clothes or perfumes. Their Instagram accounts also remind marketing place more than the diary of their lives.  Have you ever thought about running an influencer marketing campaign? Still have doubts  about its quality […]

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Adobe Reader Install Parameters

Adobe Reader is probably one of the most standard applications to get installed on to new or rebuilt computers. For home users, the process is pretty simple. You can download the installer (for online here or offline here) double click the downloaded file and run through the installation wizard. That is all fine and great […]

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4 Ways That Software Is Transforming Education for Teachers

In recent years, technology has become integrated with almost every aspect of daily life, and education is no different! EdTech (education technology) has unleashed a nearly infinite number of tools that teachers can use for optimizing teaching and tracking student progress. Here are four ways that technology is transforming education. Translation Software In today’s multicultural […]

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How Has Technology Changed the Healthcare Industry?

At this very moment, technology is positively impacting the healthcare industry. In the last five years alone, the changes have been dramatic. The main breakthroughs are in medical devices, treatment options, data collection, disease control, prosthetic limbs, and surgical procedures. Technology has enabled faster diagnoses, earlier treatment, preventative measures, and better research and data processing […]

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4 Ways Automated Customer Service Affects a Company’s Reputation

Automated customer service is prominent in business today. It can still be considered as a fairly new technology and improvements are rapidly making the technology more adaptive to customers’ needs. When used correctly, it can increase customer satisfaction. When used incorrectly, it will dramatically cause the exact opposite. Here are four ways that automated customer […]

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Top 3 Online Casino Myths Busted!

The Internet, what an invention! It’s changed the game forever. Don’t be surprised if humanity introduces a new timekeeping mechanism to add to the already traditional ones of B.C and A.D. It can be argued that B.I (Before the Internet) is sure to become something that will form part of our lexicon as technology continues […]

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Even Public, Visible Data on Your Website Can Benefit Hackers

The average person’s conception of hacking is very technology-focused. The stereotypical hacker sitting in a basement surrounded by screens full of terminal commands has embedded itself in our culture. However, this view of hacking isn’t entirely accurate. The vast majority of cyberattacks are focused on a much easier target than a computer: a human. It’s […]