PAD File Submissions

We(TechyGeeksHome) are delighted to announce that we have reopened our sister site at and it is now ready for software developers to submit their PAD files. This gives developers an opportunity to publish their software to our visitors and also allows our visitors to download the free software that is submitted. Developers If you […]

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How Tech is Changing Academic Research Miraculously in 2021???

The tech revolution in training is picking up the pace and affecting greater than simply the classroom. Academic research is going through a high-tech revolution, and its importance goes beyond this age. For the common person, the scholarly interests of research school may seem more difficult to comprehend than the arguments about free higher education.  […]

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Keeping Your Home Secure While You’re Away for the Holidays

End-of-year holidays are approaching quickly, and people are beginning to finalize their travel plans. While many people are having to rethink plans from years past, due to COVID-19, many are still planning on leaving home to see family members. After a year of self-isolation, some families are pleased to get out of the house—some are […]

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5 Benefits of Smart Lights

The emergence of LED lights has seen many households, offices, and businesses abandon traditional lighting systems. The traditional lighting systems consist of fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Although there are several benefits of smart lights, the following are their outstanding advantages. The smart lighting system enables you to: Reduce energy costs Better your security Beautify your […]

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How to easily add items to your Amazon wish list from any website [2023 Updated]

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the time of year when everyone is creating their Amazon wish lists so that relatives can quickly and easily see exactly what you want instead of buying you either a pair of socks or if you are really lucky, a pair of pants. But, although Amazon seem to sell everything these […]