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How does Stanford Mobile help Stanford University students achieve better academic results?

Stanford University has created and developed an app to help its students, faculty, alumni and even parents stay updated and connect with each other whenever they need it. Apart from that, the app offers such information as dining options, news and updates, upcoming events and more. Stanford students continue to provide positive feedback regarding this […]

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Smart Steps To Choosing The Right Home Security System

More households are acknowledging the importance of security systems in their properties. According to the Video Surveillance Market report, the video surveillance market earned a total of $28.18 billion in 2017. Based on the 14.2 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2025, the market will grow to as much as $87.36 billion by […]

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Innovative Back-end and Attractive Front-end Tech for New Casino Sites

While the competition between casino sites has been fierce since the beginning, attracting customers has never been an obstacle for growth – at least looking at it from the outside. As soon as legislation started opening up for casino operators across borders, the floodgates opened, and the industry has been growing every year. It seemed […]


Wireshark MSI Installers Released

If you have Wireshark users in your environment you could probably benefit from having the MSI installers for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. MSI installers can be used easily for distribution using systems like Configuration Manager, WDS or Group Policy. You can get the MSI installer as a direct download or from our SourceForge project […]

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4 Best Messaging Apps Available Today

As technology advances, methods of communication are constantly evolving. Messaging app use has skyrocketed over the last few years. Users love the convenience of being able to connect with a wider range of companions across the globe with internet apps. You’re able to quickly chat with your family and friends without having to have an […]


AxVoice Review: The Year 2020’s Most Affordable VoIP

Want to save on your phone bills? There is no better way to do it than switching to VoIP phone services. Landline systems are costly and need a lot of maintenance. International businesses require communication and collaboration with their global staff and clients which they can’t do without making innumerable long-distance calls.  If you are facing exorbitant […]

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Data Breaches: What are they and how can your company prevent them?

Personal and company data is information that we want to make sure is safe. However, we are hearing more each day about the massive amounts of global data breaches. Some breaches are targeted toward individual’s personal information, but more often than not, cyber criminals are instead targeting Fortune 500 tier companies to hack user profile […]

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Google Analytics for Unifying App and Website Measurement

How often do you browse the brand’s website for researching a product before making the purchase? Well, the number might vary from every individual but the ultimate purpose remains the same.  Nowadays, people are expecting to interact with businesses before experiencing their products or services. This type of cross-platform path gets businesses a new insight […]