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AxVoice Review: The Year 2020’s Most Affordable VoIP

By | March 30, 2023

Want to save on your phone bills? There is no better way to do it than switching to VoIP phone services. Landline systems are costly and need a lot of maintenance. International businesses require communication and collaboration with their global staff and clients which they can’t do without making innumerable long-distance calls.  If you are facing exorbitant… Read More »

iMacros AMF Facebook Like Script [2019 Updated]

By | April 1, 2023

Introduction If you use then you would probably like an up to date iMacro script to automate the gathering of free points. With more free points, the more you can use to get followers and likes on your own social media accounts. Having to manually click and click and click through endless boring pages… Read More »

Data Breaches: What are they and how can your company prevent them?

By | March 19, 2023

Personal and company data is information that we want to make sure is safe. However, we are hearing more each day about the massive amounts of global data breaches. Some breaches are targeted toward individual’s personal information, but more often than not, cyber criminals are instead targeting Fortune 500 tier companies to hack user profile… Read More »

Google Analytics for Unifying App and Website Measurement

By | March 19, 2023

How often do you browse the brand’s website for researching a product before making the purchase? Well, the number might vary from every individual but the ultimate purpose remains the same.  Nowadays, people are expecting to interact with businesses before experiencing their products or services. This type of cross-platform path gets businesses a new insight… Read More »

Ultimate Settings Panel – Version 6.5 Released

By | March 19, 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of Ultimate Settings Panel version 6.5. This version includes some minor bug fixes and backend rearrangement of the source code. Ultimate Settings Panel Video Demo See Ultimate Settings Panel in action below: Download Instructions For full instructions on how to use the Ultimate Settings Panel utility, click here. License… Read More »

4 Ways a CRM Can Help Your Business Get Ahead in the Fourth Quarter

By | March 19, 2023

Whipping your business into shape in the last quarter of the year can prove to be pretty difficult for most business owners and sales managers. But with the right tools and resources, it’s not impossible. If you’re looking to improve lead to revenue management, sales performance, and agent response time to customer issues, here’s a… Read More »

Microsoft Update causing Print Spooler Problems – CVE-2019-1367

By | March 30, 2023

Microsoft released an emergency update last week under CVE-2019-1367 which claimed to fix an Internet Explorer exploit. If you are now reading this post, I’m assuming that you have already noticed that having installed these set of updates, you now have print spooler problems?! CVE-2019-1367 v1.0 As most businesses probably have, we urgently rushed out… Read More »