How to Improve on a Classic Casino Game

By | April 17, 2023
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Traditional casino games don’t usually change that much. For example, if you walked into a Las Vegas today, the classic games – poker, roulette, blackjack – would be much the same as they were in the 1950s. The surroundings might be different, but the elements of the games stay the same.

‘Improving’ something that has stood the test of time is always a difficult business, nor is guaranteed to work. In fact, it usually works out badly. Consider how difficult it is to name remakes of classic movies that are better than the original? And then, consider how easy it is to name remakes of classic films that stunk the place out?

Classic casino games do get ‘remade’, or revamped, for the online format, but most keep the essence of the original games. For example, you might find an online blackjack game with a slight tweak, like the ability to make a side bet. Still, when it comes to popularity, players still flock towards the original, classic versions.

Sometimes we can improve on the original

However, there are times when we can pick out games that have been improved. Of course, even casino games cannot be judged objectively in an artistic sense, so we are judging on a consensus base, i.e. by popularity.

A good example of this is when you play Age of the Gods Roulette. By the sound of the grand title of the game, it suggests something pretty different to the norm, right? Paradoxically: it is, and it isn’t. Age of the Gods roulette is fundamentally the same as a normal roulette game: the wheel, layout, rules, odds etc. are more or less the same.

What gets players’ juices going about the AOTG Roulette game is the fact that there are four progressive jackpots that can be awarded at any time to any player. These jackpots are connected through all Age of the Gods casino games (there are around a dozen titles), and any spin can randomly trigger the jackpot game.

Huge payouts attract players

If you consider that the standard payout for picking the correct number in roulette is 35/1 and that the main Age of the Gods jackpot starts at a minimum of £100K regardless of how much you bet, then you can see why players flock to play it.

How to Improve on a Classic Casino Game 1

The key, however, is that AOTG fundamentally remains a classic roulette game. The jackpot is hovering on the side, independent of any result of the main game. There is a bonus game awarded if you bet on a particular section on the wheel, but apart from that you are looking at pure roulette. Keeping those fundamentals in the game is important, because roulette has stood the test of time for a reason – people love to play it in its original form.

There is obviously a wider debate of how to remake classic games and media, but at its heart it should be respectful to the fundamentals of the ‘source material’. What this game’s creator – Playtech – has done here is create roulette with an interesting twist. It hasn’t tried to literally reinvent the wheel but add something to the game. It works, too. Age of the Gods Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around, with fans counting among experienced roulette players and those who want something different.

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