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How to Improve on a Classic Casino Game

Traditional casino games don’t usually change that much. For example, if you walked into a Las Vegas today, the classic games – poker, roulette, blackjack – would be much the same as they were in the 1950s. The surroundings might be different, but the elements of the games stay the same. ‘Improving’ something that has […]

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How to start an online gaming site

Youmay well have read about the rampant success of online gambling – a £15 billion a year industry – and thought about getting involvedyourself. There’s just one thing to bear in mind before starting – it’s afiercely competitive marketplace to enter. Make getting started as easy as itcan be by checking out this simple step-by-step […]

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Windows 10 Language Packs

We manage a number of businesses across the world and we very often have to ensure that end-users in different countries have their required Windows languages available to them. We do this in two ways, one is that when Windows devices get built for a user in, let’s say France, the System Center Configuration Manager […]

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How Much Smarter Can Technology Get?

Technology has apparently gotten so smart in the last two decades that some pundits are predicting an era where machines are smarter than people. If you’ve ever been concerned about this, then you can rest easy because digital devices aren’t actually becoming smarter and won’t ever replace humanity. Engineers are merely designing tools that solve […]