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How to Maximize the Success Rate of Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a process to retrieve accidentally deleted or suddenly lost data due to mistaken formatting, disk corruption, malware attack, or interruption during data transferring. Data recovery can be needed for any kind of storage devices such as hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. In most cases, […]

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Setting a Budget and Finding Funds for Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign

Creating a social media marketing budget requires at least a bit of planning, strategy and guidance, irrespective of how small the project might seem at that moment. It’s not always easy to find the budget necessary for funding a campaign that your business needs either. We are going to touch on a few helpful pointers […]

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Office 365 reporting is a breeze with Promodag

Operating and maintaining effective business IT infrastructure often means taking a step back to review all functions and investigate ways to increase efficiencies, while gaining additional insight and building a reliable audit trail. The Office 365 reports generated by Promodag offer all these benefits and more… About Office 365 reports from Promodag One major benefit […]

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Features You’ll Enjoy When You Download MacOS Catalina

When you download macOS Catalina, you’ll enjoy several new features. Unlike the release of iOS 13, this is the upgrade you want to have immediately. There aren’t major changes in the interface’s design, but there are tons of new features that are a lot more subtle than previous updates.  Your Apple computer deserves to have the […]

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Top 5 most amazing casinos you should actually travel to and see

Casinos are among some of the greatest tourist attractions throughout the globe, showcasing a variety of great architecture, games and luxurious environments to enjoy vacations in. There’s a good selection of places to visit too if it’s gaming that’s on your mind, whether you’re choosing to play in the states, or somewhere a little more […]