Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter

I have been using a physical computer for some time to run some automated programs that I use. However, that physical computer is now not in good shape and needs to be replaced. The problem is though, I have years of customised scripts, sequences and environment variables that I obviously do not want to lose and […]

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How City Safety Technology Is Improving Road Safety

In 2015 alone, there were nearly 200,000 road-related casualties in the UK. The recent resolution of Dashcam and Sat Nav issues have helped improve road safety. However, City Safety Technology, which is currently being incorporated into Volvo’s designs, has already reduced accident claims by almost one third. The technology is likely to reduce crashes and save lives in […]


Group Policy Admin Templates Catalog

Group Policy is an awesome tool for IT Departments to ensure that their end user computers have the correct enforcement settings on them. It also ensures that company policies are met while also helping to keep security measures in place. The wide range of policies available to IT Departments via Group Policy, means that computers […]

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Are free games the future?

If you could travel back to around 1996 when the PlayStation was about to be shipped to nearly every country around the world and tell Sony that one day, people would be playing games on their console that Sony wouldn’t make any profit from, they’d probably laugh you out of the door. Fast-forward to 2018 […]

General Tech

Making an Easy Shift from MS Office to Requirement Management Tool

Many companies use the MS office for the requirement management to define various requirements. This is not a good practice; in fact, it has caused project allures or has left many projects at risk. The Requirements development incremental progression which comprises activities like elaboration, development analysis, and refinement, which are all sensitive activities and requires […]

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How Can Tech Brands Stand Out?

When it comes to the technology industry, there are many ways in which you can stand out. But there’s a reason we hear so much about Samsung and a reason why they have developed an almost 20% market share of smartphone sales. Their PR machine works like a well-oiled machine, not just to churn out […]


How to Get the Most out of Your Java Application

Java applications can be complicated beasts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use solid techniques and strategies to get better performance, insights, and efficiency from them. So if your business depends on Java to accomplish your core outcomes, you should ask yourself is there application development near me if not, maybe use the following tips […]