Upgrade your Certificate Authority from SHA1 to SHA2 (SHA256)


Do you need to upgrade your Certificate Authority from SHA1 to SHA2 (SHA256)?

Well we recently had to carry this out as a test in a lab environment. None of us knew how to carry this out from the top of our heads, so like all good IT guys, we used the power of Google.

Luckily we found an excellent guide on how to carry out the upgrade which we followed and succeeded with the upgrade without any issues.

The guide was so good we thought we would share it on our blog, mostly to help you guys out but also that we knew where it was next time we have to do it!

So if you are looking at carrying out a CA upgrade, we can strongly recommend this site:


It has a good step by step guide with good screenshots to help you along the way.

Hope it helps someone else like it helped us!

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