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Are you receiving a number of spam phone callers recently? We have noticed lately that we are receiving more and more calls where they call you for one ring and then hang up. Most of the time the calls are coming from Chad, Algeria or Somali. However, there are a number of UK cold callers too.

Now I don’t know anyone from these countries so pretty sure that they are spam calls. Looking around the internet, you find huge amounts of people that are receiving the same calls.

So, lets start to make a list!

Whenever we get one of these calls, we just block it from calling again. However, spam callers are clever and will just use a different number.

So we are on a mission to create a big list of all spam callers so that we can all block them!

We will start the list with what we have already, but if you have any you would like to add to the list, you can either contact us or leave us a message in the comments section below and we will add it to the list.

+61 02 8015 5946Australia
+237 800 000 625Cameron
+225 69 89 91 62Ivory Coast
+225 69 89 91 65Ivory Coast
+370 666 38 717Lithuania
+252 701 208 24Somalia
+252 40 704 010Somalia
+252 40 658 049Somalia
+252 44 318 424Somalia
+252 40 306 700Somalia
+252 64 703 013Somalia
+252 64 648 026Somalia
+216 28 945 847Tunisia
+216 28 945 848Tunisia
+44 20 3318 8119UK
+44 20 3318 0147UK
+44 20 8068 8169UK
+44 20 8068 8168UK
+44 20 3769 0309UK
+44 20 3769 7072UK
+44 20 3807 7511UK
+260 95 371 1988Zambia
+263 77 111 3806Zimbabwe
+263 77 241 0246Zimbabwe
+263 77 111 6197Zimbabwe
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