WordPress Speed Optimisation


Over the last few weeks we have been experiencing a lot of speed issues on our blog so it was time for us to run some WordPress speed optimisation.

This has been due to a number of factors but we thought that it was time to sit down and go over a complete overhaul of the blog to get it working much faster for our visitors.

Although most of the basics had already been taken care of like caching and database optimisation, we started to investigate all of the issues that are raised if you run a Google PageSpeed Test.

This raised a number of pointers for us to look into like leverage browser settings, minify and render-blocking JavaScript.

So our next steps were to start Googling for a WordPress specific guide on how to make our blog super fast. In doing this, we found an awesome guide with full step by step instructions with screenshots and easy to following instructions over at Kinsta.

We followed all steps within this impressive guide and our PageSpeed results are now way better than they were before. You as a visitor should also notice that the blog and pages within it and all now loading much quicker.

Just an example of what we have achieved by using this guide, below is a snapshot of our Pingdom speed test report:

Pingdom Speed Test Results

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So, if you are a blogger or a WordPress user, we highly recommend that you take a look at the guide available below and see if it can speed up your site.

How to Score 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights with WordPress

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

After writing this post we have also found a guide for the Remove Query Strings From Static Resources recommendation from Google PageSpeed. See our post here to find out more about that.


We would love to hear back from you if you have used this guide and made improvements on the speed of your site. Maybe you have some suggestions of your own? just leave us a message below in the comments section below.