Powershell – Export Active Directory User Last logged on information to CSV


If you want to export all your Active Directory users last logged on information, you can carry this out using Powershell and then exporting to CSV format.


First of all, you will need to import the ActiveDirectory module if you have not already done so. To do this, just open up a Powershell command box and run the following script:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

Once this has completed, you can now add the below script into a PS1 file or use PowerShell ISE to run it:

Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase "DC=energgroup,DC=com" -ResultPageSize 0 -Property CN, Description, LastLogonTimestamp |
Select-Object -Property CN, Description, @{ n = "LastLogonDate"; e = { [datetime]::FromFileTime( $_.lastLogonTimestamp ) } } |
Sort-Object -Property CN, Description, LastLogonDate |
Export-CSV -NoTypeInformation "C:\TGH\lastlogon.csv"

This will then export to CSV file where you enter the location at the end of the script.


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