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Microsoft Updates – More Faulty Updates – KB4103712

Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 04:51 pm

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After our recent posts about Microsoft releasing faulty updates and breaking user computers, we have now found yet another Microsoft Update which has been causing a problem with machines rebooting themselves quite randomly and completely losing network connections.

Again we have done a load of testing and Googling and found the update to be KB4103712.

Problem Update

This is a direct reference from Microsoft about the problems with this update.

KB4103712 – Known Issues in this update



A stop error occurs on computers that don’t support Streaming Single Instructions Multiple Data (SIMD) Extensions 2 (SSE2).Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.
Microsoft is aware that some customers have reported that network drivers are intentionally uninstalled, then fail to reinstall after applying the May 8, 2018 update. This can result in the loss of network connectivity.Microsoft is presently investigating and will provide a status update when the investigation is complete.

So another Microsoft Update that breaks the NIC! As usual, Microsoft are “investigating” whilst the rest of us IT guys have to sort out their mess on our users computers:

Microsoft is presently investigating and will provide a status update when the investigation is complete.

If you are using WSUS or Configuration Manager, our advise would be to remote the update from being pushed and get it uninstalled off users machines.

A Month of Broken Updates

We have posted our broken Microsoft Updates for a while but this last month has been terrible for them. Within the last month we have reported bad updates on the following:

How to Remove Problem Updates

If you need some guidance on what to do to remove these or any other updates, be it on a single machine or mass corporation remove, take a look at this post as we have added some instructions towards the end of the post that you may find helpful.

We will continue to post about any bad Microsoft Updates that we come across.


We would love to hear from you if you to are having any issues with these, or indeed any other, Microsoft Updates. Just leave us a message below in our comments section and we will pick them up shortly after you post.

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