4 Cool Ways A.I. Makes People’s Lives Better

In the early days of artificial intelligence development, computer programmers would need to carefully specify all information a new A.I. program would have access to. It required a tremendous amount of forethought, and the A.I. systems that were produced were often quite error-prone.

Newer A.I. programs are learning-based, starting off with very little knowledge about the world, but very good at learning new information and recognizing patterns. After going through a few rounds of training, these new systems often perform at super-human levels, offering helpful real-world applications.

Entertainment Recommendations

Another way we benefit from A.I. systems today is by receiving tailored recommendations suited to our tastes and past history. As we start using new online services to stream content, programs take in information about our preferences. Over time, they are able to interpret our preferences and behavior patterns using large databases with information about other users who are similar to us. As we use those services more, we give them feedback about what we like and what we don’t, and they are able to build up a profile that generates individualized recommendations that fit our desires.


As with finding the perfect content to watch, A.I. programs can also help us find the perfect date. When we sign up for online dating websites, we provide information about ourselves and what we are looking for in a date. As the program learns more about us and other website users, it becomes increasingly helpful with finding that special someone.


One major benefit of new AI programs is their capability to diagnose disease. By feeding these learning-based systems large datasets, programmers are able to teach the system to recognize subtle signs associated with particular diseases. In some cases, after just a few hours of training, these systems could diagnose patients more accurately than trained medical professionals. An example of using artificial intelligence in medicine is Freenome’s A.I. platform that has learned to recognize genetic patterns in cancer-positive blood samples and helps detect cancer earlier in new patients. As doctors increasingly rely on artificial intelligence in medicine, we will get more data-points for analysis, ultimately leading to even better diagnostic programs. This will help patients receive the best possible care, and help save millions of dollars and countless hours.


Does it ever amaze you how quickly packages can arrive from online retailers to your door? The secret here is that no one at the company needs to worry about finding efficient routes, because A.I. programs handle it for them. Using information about delivery schedules and customer habits, new systems are capable of determining the most efficient shipping arrangements custom-tailored for each client.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in the last thirty years, going from basically experiments, to cutting-edge necessitates. It’s a safe bet that these programs will continue to improve over time. And with those improvements, there are bound to be many more new and exciting improvements in our lives as well.