3 Tech Hacks To Make Life A Little Easier

Cup of tea

Technology has become a bigger part of life for everyone, and whilst many complain that it is taking over, it has actually helped us to gain some moments to claim for ourselves. Google answers many of our questions, Alexa does our shopping for us, and Netflix gives us a database of movies and TV shows at our fingertips. That last one might be more of a leisure activity than a life hack, but it’s useful that we can now indulge in our favourite 80s classics without having to trawl through Blockbuster.

Life hacking started as a joke and has become a movement. In Silicone Valley where momentum is key, there are those who swear by ‘bio-hacking’, removing the need to eat as many meals, or sleep for eight hours in order to increase productivity. We can reach a higher level of productivity in every part of our life without having to fast or lose some time in bed, and technology is here to help us with that:

1) Dating

People accuse technology of making dating harder, when in fact it has made it easier. Algorithms pick the people most suited to us, and apps such as Badoo keeps track of potential dates you may have waited behind in line when you went to fetch your morning coffee. We’re able to think pragmatically about dating, and the science just makes the chemistry easier. Think about it, the first date chat doesn’t have to be small talk when you already have so much in common.

2) Diet

It can feel a little overwhelming when you first search weight-loss plans and trending diets. With a little scrutiny and common sense, we can work out what is best for ourselves. Apps such as MyFitnessPal track your nutrients and calories, and allow you to set your own goals and limits, meaning that no matter what diet you’re on, you can make sure that you’re getting enough of the good stuff, and that you’re actually doing your body a favour. There is no point in losing weight if, in actual fact, it is just going to make your body unhealthy.

3) Travel

Forget taking a case full of travel guides and spending the first week of your holiday working out where you can find the best restaurants. There are so many blogs, websites and apps which are dedicated to travel that it is possible to make a full itinerary before you’ve even landed. You can get inside tips and reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor, or browse Instagram for pictures of your destination.

Just because technology is making life easier, it doesn’t mean that you can’t open a book or enjoy some time away from the screen. Life is about balance, and when you’re using tech so that you can hack some more balance into your life, then you’re being smart. We spend too much time using our screens for work and not enough time using them to enjoy life a little more, so do yourself a favour and hack yourself a little more time out.